Immortal mythic drop rate

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the update.
Has anyone pulled a immortal mythic yet?
Are they even in the drop pool or did the devs forget to hit that button.

@Jeto can you please confirm that they are in the drop pool?

And if anyone has pulled one please post here.
And if you do pull one please post here.
Thanks for reading.


What is the drop rate? .001?

Hey, I did chase this up with the team while I was investigating the Season cache & chest issues, but yeah their chance to roll all stats on a piece of gear to fall in that range, to attain the Immortal tag, is a difficult roll to achieve.
TLDR; yes, immortal gear is possible

Just in case, cos I find it hard to explain for myself and think maybe that it’s not been explained well since the gear rework.

The way I think of it, and how it has been best explained to me is in 3.0 - Gear still just goes up to Mythic rarity.

Sacred, Divine, Exalted and Immortal are just tags used to describe where they sit in the quality range.

If a piece of Gear rolls on average about 95/100 on all stats, it’s quality is 950+, so it’s classified as an “immortal” mythic.
This is also why an Immortal piece of gear feels so hard to achieve because you need each stat to roll high enough in every range to be classified as an “Immortal” item.

I have shared some of my own feedback that introducing these extra 4 tags to something we have always used to just describe a rarity, is somewhat confusing.
When we could just have continued to call it “Mythic” and just display the number range/score/scale you see with all other rarities of gear, like Legendary - instead Mythics have both.

Does any of this help to attain an Immortal Mythic, no but for me at least, it helped me somewhat understand Mythics a bit more and why it felt so difficult to try and get anything beyond Divine (in my case).

As always, we are sharing all feedback post 3.0 with the team.


As Jeto has said, it is rather improbable to roll Quality levels consistently and exceptionally well enough for a piece to qualify as an Immortal Mythic.

But, technically, it can happen.

A rather nice piece to likely sit on the trophy shelf forever.


Thank you @Jeto for explaining this and @Lyrian showing off your night boots.
It’s good to know it is possible and it is more exciting now being able to chase mythics.
Opening chests has really been more fun now!
Thanks :+1:


God, this just gets more and more tedious the more we learn.

I don’t find it tedious at all. I think its very exciting, gives endgame players purpose as they keep trying to up the quality of their gear.


I like chasing mythics and I don’t really think most of the frustration comes from the droprates themselves but rather that most chests feel like they’re missing items, here’s an example from our Discord:

Those were 2 lvl100 diamond chests, chests like the second one should NOT happen in my opinion.

Of course I’m not saying I want T4s in every chests but rather there should be a guaranteed amount of different items per ruby and diamond chests to ensure chest #2 can no longer happen.

I’ve been happily chasing for mythic items but way too often do I get chests like these that are filled with more air than loot, and keys don’t grow on trees! xD


I think food per chest needs to be higher. Was able to farm for a while by using keys, honor, and marks, but eventually that stuff runs out and then it becomes a waiting game. I don’t think its good for players to have to wait up to 24 hours to farm again, as that means they’ll be forced to either farm citadel or play another game till they can start farming again. Used to be, you could farm infinitely essentially because of the high amounts of food in level 10 chests.


Yeah food has become really tough to come by since the spell rework. I’m constantly starved and when I spend 800+ food to open a diamond chest (I only do lvl100 chests) to slot in a newly dopped one and it doesn’t give any food, it’s just back to archive story farming… or for many players, do something else. A grinding game that kinda tells you to stop grinding needs some balancing I think. I really hope the team will consider looking at chests mechanics, if we had infinite chest slots, honestly I wouldn’t care but as it’s not the case, bad chests like I posted above should be fixed.


Or just remove food from chests and let us buy food with gold. Same with Ore.


I do agree with endgame players having new goals being nice. However, I don’t find opening chests fun & exciting. Just the opposite, opening chests feels like a chore to me, boring and joyless. Since the rework I have opened over 1,000 chests and I have only gotten 4 desired drops: 2 mythic relics, 1 exalted mythic clearly better than the 1 I use in all my builds and a sacred mythic slightly better than a piece from my least used build. The rest has just been a couple of mythics and some legendaries nice for PvP (but not exciting pulls), food, ore, some spell dust now that the spells (I don’t use) are ancient mythic and junk. I have to open so many chests that I just do it automatically and by the time I get the great pool I barely find any joy at all, just a “well, finally” sigh.

So even if the rework is giving us endgame players further goals, I am not enjoying it at all. In fact, I have just given up on farming in search of mythic gear and will just do my daily tasks, use some loot tickets and spend the rest of my time doing more enjoyable activities than mindlessly farming chests for some lucky drop.


I personally get frustrated having to go “do something else” when I need to save things like food for the Kingdom Bazaar, which is often wanting a lot of food. So my choice is never go below XXX food, or just dont open chests for a while. Keys are starting to dry up a lot too, so I cant really fall back on those either.

I think some balance is due. Maybe each chest should have XX food + XX Ore and its removed from the drops inside the boxes (which sometimes contains none of either). This feels like intentional throttling of potential progress.


Food needs to be increased to how it use to be, its got that bad that most players have no food, no keys and have also ended up using up all marks and honour to keep playing dungeons and opening chest,


Sadly this is a very typical strategy in this kind of games, creating artificial limitations to progress so that players spend money to get over them.

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Warrior needs food badly…

oops right sentiment, wrong game. Does remind me of classic Gauntlet though.

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All my mythic drops are Sacred. In a way, I may be considered as lucky, because I have 7, but not lucky enough to have something other than Sacred.

I got my first immortal mythic on day one…a ring.