Lock Mastery Attributes to Item Mastery Color for Upgrades

I understand going full random for Chest drops and ending up with a Fire Mastery Epic Runic Ring that has Strong +3 and Lightpact +3 as the attributes. But it makes way less sense to me when you’re upgrading an item and you are literally crafting a gear item that already has a designated Mastery and upgrading it to be better with the required shards, relics, and glyphs. If I handed those items over to a blacksmith and he crafted my Fire Mastery ring with an attribute that ONLY benefits the Light Mastery… that imbecile gets a thumpin. As long as it takes to collect the items necessary to upgrade something, the attributes should be locked to the item’s mastery. This would offer a notable advantage in upgrading an item vs just getting lucky from a chest.


Good suggestion. I will add that Strong/Life should be removed as Attribute options from Epic+ level as they are now the “forced” attributes at Rare Level. Although Power and Vitality are helpful, it would be nice to see unique Attributes show up on further Evolves or rarity levels rather than seeing Strong/Life show up again.

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In concept, I agree with you.

Through strictly the lens of how the gear and stat systems were changed in 0.36, I would disagree. The way the system was designed, the player needs as many Strong/Life upgrades on their gear as possible. This is because all the game gathers all of these upgrades into determining the base score for the player’s Power and Vitality which is then percentage magnified by Citadel upgrades. Higher base scores in stats result in more effective Citadel upgrades for players.

But, who knows, these systems might change again in 0.37.

You are overvaluing the Power/Vitality benefits and under valuing the cumulative productive benefits of the other attributes. At Mythic, the highest power/vitality boost is +5, so even with 700 Citadel levels (the amount necessary to achieve 100% bonus and ignoring all other choices), your additional benefit is another +5 points. Let’s say that all epic attributes followed your theory of “best” option or the way “the system was designed”, you would pick up an extra 120 Power and 120 Vitality (treating them as equally divided amongst the 12 gear pieces similar to the forced Rare attributes). 120 Power is good, that translates to 240 spell/chip dmg. If you replace just one of those with a Strike trait that is aligned, that’s a 5% boost to your dmg, which could be as much as 400-1200 dmg. If you replace one of the Vitality with a Ward or something like Solid, or even Cover, you are getting 5% mitigation vs incoming strikes as high as 25k; that’s as much as 1.2kdmg mitigated, a lot better than 120 Vitality. The accumulated benefits of all of the collective attributes, all except speed expressed in percentages, give you exponential benefit compared to Power/Vitality.

Also given that several skills have a base value of 0%, like Block or Crit Chance, etc., your primary way of boosting these critical stats is through attributes. They already forced the lowest value attributes on us as Rare attributes. Every additional Strong/Life attribute is a wasted chance at an exponentially greater or more rewarding (Rich/Smart) benefit.

EDIT: went back and rechecked my stats and my math is not good up here. ignore this and read further down is my advice :innocent:

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I am going to presume that do you not have any Legendary pieces of gear? If so, that could explain some of your responses and Epic gear is not far enough up the power curve to see the exponential stat inflation curve well. In that case, I could see the angle that you are coming from with your responses.

Legendary already provides +5, and Mythic provides +8. This is verifiable through the level up preview information provided when leveling up gear. Also, +5 at Legendary yields more than 2x stats than Epic +3, signalling exponential growth.

Power and Vitality are +100 for each piece at Strong/Life +5.

Flat values, such as Power, Vitality, and yes even Speed, scale exponentially scale in their stat buff on gear, as noted above. I can vouch for all three of these on my own personal gear loadouts on Legendary pieces of gear.

Tested these out to verify this assertion, and indeed Crit Chance does start at zero base chance. However, the only way Block is zero is if there is no shield equipped. The player’s base block chance is the Block rating listed on their shield. This base amount is then multiplied by the Citadel’s Block perk rating and the player’s Guard gear rating. The in-game amount of Block listed does take into account the Citadel Block perk, but doesn’t add in the Guard gear perk (hope this is addressed in 0.37, as well as general cleanup of the player’s stat page in communicating “final” values of stats to players).

I have several Legendary pieces; the choice of Epic was arbitrary. If anything was confusing it was my extrapolations later; my fault there.

Agreed, I meant Legendary, otherwise I would have used a higher percentage for the comparison but duly noted.

My math was confusing earlier (the hazards of doing stuff on the fly while at work) but I rechecked and recalled my earlier numbers from the Power/Mastery thread. Given my bad math earlier, I agree that the benefits are better than I presented.

We went through a whole thread about this. If that’s the way it’s supposed to work, fine; but currently it doesnt work that way. The mitigation is there but not the block chance. On mobile so cant link back to the thread where this was already discussed. If this were working as you say, a Legendary Guards Shield
fully leveled would have 70% block chance before any other modifiers but all evidence is to the contrary.

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The more I look at this, the more I am in agreement especially after taking a closer look at how Vitality functions. I had spent a lot of time looking at Power in tinkering with the Power/Mastery calculations and made an inference about Vitality. But it appears that 1 point of Vitality is equal to 10 points of Life/HP. So a Legendary item with the Life Attribute as it’s first trait (the aforementioned “forced first trait”) would gain +100 Vitality which is equivalent to +1000 HP. Assuming the Power/Vitality equivalency is consistent that means Mythic items with Life +8 would receive +200 Vitality (EDIT: I confirmed with the Mythic armor owner that the bonus is +200 not +220) which translates to +2000 HP.

So given that it would seem that an item with its 2nd Attribute (the attribute earned at Epic rarity) as Life would benefit; especially if it were on an armor item so that you would at Legendary have +2000 HP and at Mythic +4000 HP.

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Very interesting conversation. However, I don’t want the initial feature request to get lost in the Power/Vitality discussion. The initial suggestion was that “attributes should be locked to the item’s mastery” when upgrading vs full random from chest rewards. Sibelios already indicated he thought it was a good suggestion. What do you think Lyrian?


After thinking about this for awhile now, the problem is that we are looking at this development from a stance of where the game is right now. We don’t know if multi-color builds are permanently dead in the water, or if there will be some upcoming change in 0.37 to encourage rainbow color builds again.

Right now, through the lens of 0.36, if single/dual colors at most are going to be mandatory, then I would agree with you. If multi-color builds become relevant again in 0.37 or later, then the current system is fine. Too many unknowns at the moment to be conclusive, though.

The situation also brings up the possibility of future solutions such as introducing followers that could provide elemental attunement to a specific color to address the thread’s concerns. That could would allow both scenarios to exist at the same time, or there could be other planned in-game methods to achieve something like this via future mode that the devs have not revealed to the public yet.

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I appreciate the depth of thought in your response. That being said, without knowing about future Dev plans, we can only provide feedback on what we currently know about. Supposedly we are just months away from the official release. With the existing structure, multi-color builds are irrelevant. From that perspective, I think my suggestion makes sense. If they have some other plan to address bad attribute roles for gear, I’m interested in hearing about it.


We are 1000% done with putting in the time and materials in upgrading weapons, only to get bullshit masteries like this:

Suggestion: change one of the useless followers like Darkhunter, Jocea or Elyra into something useful. Like a Mastery Reroller.

Receiving shit like this when evolving your weapons a slap in the face and a turd in the wardrobe to your playerbase


The only real positive in this nonsense is that the grinding to reobtain and level suboptimal gear gives us something to do rather than get stopped with optimal gear at epic level. My pally main is at level 35 gear across the board, and can’t consistently win dungeons beyond difficulty 2. Glyphs and legendary relics simply don’t drop at difficulty 2 or lower, so I’m stuck progression-wise. Best I can do is build up gems to buy glyphs and convert epic relics to legendary, a costly and slow process.

.39 took 2 steps forward in QoL (5 mobs in dungeons instead of 6; chest-to-minion post-battle), and 1 step back (the frequent inability to start the bloody game due to memory footprint issues), but maintain serious flaws in advancement mechanics post-story.

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Here’s another one from upgading my Jeweled Breastplate just 2 seconds ago. WHY. At least give us an explanation why we have to put up with crap like this!

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Two of my worst examples of this so far that resulted in pieces that managed to cover 4 different colours. I present for your viewing displeasure:

Franken-helm :green_circle: :red_circle: :purple_circle: :large_blue_circle:

Franken-belt :yellow_circle: :large_blue_circle: :purple_circle: :green_circle:

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lol Elven owl helm is my gear from hell. It was bugged for a long time… maybe it still is, but I don’t know because every time I get one, it is too weird to even use.

Just got screwed over by this problem too. Just pent 270 ruby marks getting yellow Royal Leggings (which I actually needed) but they have Darkstrike attribute which is useless! Please automatically change any mixed colour attributes to be the same as the gear magic colour.

I just love throwing away runes for this shit

Yes, there needs to be something like a follower who does rerolls & does the Eveline thing of “pay way to much to actually get what you want”
Then you can reroll a few times and/or just spend resources to get what you want
Ideally it would be some combination, so multiple rerolls reduce the cost of getting what you want by say 25% capped at say 75%

Thank you for giving me another useless mastery upgrade :+1:

The best part of this very legitimate feedback thread is it has never once been acknowledged :muscle:

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