Need a way to change the 1-3 perks on a piece of gear

Currently, there is no feature that can change the base modifiers that are on a piece of gear. This is made even harder by the fact there is currently no storage to keep all the gear. Getting min/maxed modifiers in this game is nearly impossible as the player would need the specific equipment drop to have:

  • The correct color
  • The correct modifiers
  • The correct type of equipment

Only one of those 3 are addressed with how the game is set up now, and that is dungeons being able to target the correct type. There is currently no way to target the correct color nor the correct modifier.

It almost seems like dungeons are supposed to target colors based on how the images for them are, but after 10+ rare drops in a purple dungeon, not a single rare+ drop was actually purple.

The biggest issue with all of this are the modifiers. A person can have the correct equipment piece and the correct color, but if it has something like 2% gold instead of 2% crit it is as useless as if neither of the previous 2 fields were correct from a mix/max perspective.

We need some way to be able to adjust the modifiers on equipment, as well as potentially the color as well. Otherwise every piece of equipment has dozens of different variants making the total amount over 1,000+ equipment pieces.


I haven’t made it that far to actually consider purple Epic tier upgrades (lack of upgrade shards), but I’m fairly suspicious that all gear upgrades of Epic and higher require use of the crafting upgrade system.

My current assumption that an Epic upgrade requires 3 copies of the same Rare gear piece (with one at level 30) + 4 of the appropriate Epic elemental color scroll or rune (as all gear gains elements at Rare rarity). That’s a pretty high bar to clear for each piece of gear a player has equipped.

I doubt that the devs are going allow gear respecs or alterations. It’s all part of the grind. The game is supposed to last for multiple years as a live service game.

10k gold, 4 corresponding color epic runes and 2 same rare pieces to upgrade to epic

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I wasn’t referring to purple rarity, I was referring to purple color.

A dungeon marked as purple gave 0 purple imbued items in 10 rares. Not the rarity epic, but none of the color, meaning the color can’t be focused.

Perhaps the answer lies with Toragon…

On top of making armors, perhaps he can re-craft. Have separate functions to recolor and get a new ability on the gear. Random of course to extend the grind :). Same can be said with our pals at the weapons shack and jeweler store.

I think it’s more likely that it will be done by new follower(s) since the devs already said that they plan for story expansion too in the future.
Moreover, separate follower with separate purpose means more grind & more evolving, etc. to hinder players’ progression.
Though it means that the solution will most likely only be available in the (not near) future.

Anyway based on Cybaru’s post, does it mean that maybe we don’t need 2 duplicates of the same element for upgrading to epic and above, only the same rarity level? If so then at least it’s slightly less difficult to evolve.

SAME gear with SAME rarity.
but since I already heard someone looted LEGENDARY gear/spell/minion from chest… I think it’s unwise to evolve any item below legendary, or epic?

btw, I speculate they will provide a free reforge to reroll all mastery and affixes, and a paid reforge to reoll the affix or mastery you choose.

Really need a forge option to change perk on a epic/ legend piece of gear !
Alway dark bonus on light gear, light damage on red gear … boring

Getting an epic Night Ring in yellow today was really awesome

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three craft Red epic Warlods Mantle, and always same 2 perks life + lightstrike…
its a joke or bug?

Epic Purple Runic Belt with Lightpact +3 … amazing :roll_eyes:

I feel your pain. I recently got a Legendary purple mastery Jeweled Pants with Poisonpact. It’s such a mess, I’m seriously thinking of salvaging it to reclaim the storage space (stupid lack of storage). Jeweled items benefit Yellow mastery and the first set bonus for Jeweled gear actually hurts purple. My pants have purple mastery. Then, to top it off, it has Poisonpact, which is pretty much irrelevant to both Purple and Yellow. I wish I could trade it for a blue longsword :). I’d even take a Rare longsword for that trade.

I present to you my worst colour matched Franken-gear

A Green helm, with Red bonus which boosts Purple and Blue mana on matches. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

This was one of the update 0.36 items.

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I could not agree more. I’m swimming in food, gold and honor, all of which could be used to feed some sort of forge / reclaim mechanic to change gear attributes and color.

If the inventory cap remains, I would ALSO like to see a mechanic that requires the use of some resource(s) to simply change an item’s color. Maybe one item can only be changed 3 times or something if it’s too broken otherwise.

love random perks…


When you gain light bonus on every single item… apart from the light item which gets dark bonus.

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Be carreful

The perks bonus of the objects are not random, I tested on several objects armors, helms ect…, always the same bonus… so don’t waste your time like me

no logic in the bonus (light on dark, dark on red …)

For comparison I have:
Red Royal armour (Epic) that has Life and Cleave
Purple Royal armour (Epic) that has Life and Strong
Yellow Royal armour (Epic) that has Life and Lightward

So I would say, 2/3 are better than a random off colour Strike

But I think the key issue here is that there needs to be a way to choose (or at the very least re-roll)

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