This Elemental Strike + Gear Mastery Mismatch Feels Bad

I blew a whole lotta resources getting up a purple gear set for my assassin. Getting the right mastery color is a moderate challenge, but feels reasonably good when you get it.

Then I tried to upgrade, and after getting to epic, I have these 4 pieces of off color elemental strike, all green for some reason. It’s not really viable to shove green spells in to make use of.
It feels worse than generic crit, or life, or elemental wards, or even speed because at least those can do something, and see effects. This sadly makes the whole gear piece feel bleh.

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This is one of the worst cases of upgrade ruining I’ve seen yet

Doesn’t hurt to bring it up again in the hopes the feedback gets back to the devs at how much this sucks.

With drop rates of Epic so low, and anything higher pretty much non-existent the focus is on upgrading existing items, and when you make even those materials hard to come by it’s a kick in the teeth when it gives you bad matches that you cannot undo.

Wouldn’t be quite as bad if the salvage rates were better
Or perhaps if there was an option to salvage an item to upgrade the exact same item as a significantly discounted rate (Pay a small resource amount for a re-roll, since random seems to be part of the DNA of the game)

What would be even better is if you could pay additional resources
Standard = random (what we have now)
Bit more = color locked (but still random from all)
Extra = smaller subset of options
Extra + Bit = smaller subset of options relevant to the gear with color lock
Or perhaps if the full range of options was like a tree - pay a based on how much far down tree branches you wanted to go to limit the range of random options

Then you could incrementally pay to improve weapons - start with random, then later use resources to re-roll with focus, and maybe repeat that process multiple times (lock weapon to color and re-roll, then later re-roll again with increased chance to get traits from a smaller subset of options - repeat as many times as you want/need to get the “perfect” weapon for your hero build)

Or just have a follower with a “re-roll” trait(s) option (who uses food!)