[Reported] Update Rewards are falsely advertised

Platform, device and operation system

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
There were rewards sent out with a picture of what we would receive.

What we did receive was all epic while the pictures suggest a mix of rare, epic, legendary and mythic stuff.


What I expected is to receive what was on the pictures. Nothing more and nothing less. The pictures could easily just have been all purple and I would have gotten what I expected. As is I am annoyed - false advertising but no need to give a reward to start with.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Talking with huild mates and in the forum everyone seems to have received epic gear

Steps to make it happen again

Accept the reward.


I only have your image and my own results to compare, but with one character completed the story, L50 and Citadel 7, I got the same named items, same rarity and level - only difference was the colour gem of each piece.

The background of the items given out in the e-mail did not represent rarity, but rather the element of those items.

For example, the yellow background on the Runic Boots represents light element, not Legendary rarity.

That may be, but the background has previously always aligned with rarity. In the screenshots above you can see that the epic is a purple background. I can clearly understand the confusion here.

At that being said, it is free gear so can’t complain too much

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That is super misleading especially as - like Marin pointed out - the background is used for rarity and there is the little element sign.

So now randomly this is different?

Odd choice.

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it’s definitely odd but I can confirm as well that the color background was associated with its Mastery, not rarity. A mistake for sure.

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Yes my friends and I did think the item where much better then what we really got. I looked at every item a few time to try to find where the good ones went.

The item background matches the mastery, as mentioned above.

What’s the difference between mastery and rarity?

Rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic

Mastery: (Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red, Green) Magic +x on the item

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Ahhh… that makes sense

yes how ever when we look at our items that’s not how the back ground works. when you buy the item in the starter pack the back ground was blue to show rarity not to show mastery

All fair, with some interpretation this can be solved.

However, the colors are supposed to be a shorthand to see quicker what the item is.

In some instances background color denotes Rarity and now in other instances background color denotes mastery. Maybe next time background color denotes level? Class?

As far as I am concerned, I would kindly like to ask for one consistent color coding throughout the game. If the connotation changes then the shorthand is useless to the player.

Note: My gear is still background color coded for rarity…

Or indeed choose different colors. Maybe highly confusing, but the colors used to show mastery completely overlap with the colors used to show Rarity in other parts of the game except for uncommon I guess).


Thank you for clarifying. While this way of getting items is the exception rather than the norm, the background colour is used for rarity in most (all?) other areas of the game - equipment storage, spells, minions - their background colour all denotes rarity not mastery.

Perhaps any future gifts like this have a colour gem overlaid on the item to show mastery if that was the original intention.

Still grateful for the gifted items - I’m not so far in as some others, so they were a good boost, even if I barely had room in storage :slight_smile: