[Reported] Cache not awarded - bought 7 received 6

I just bought 7 ultimate caches and only received 6 items. Honestly, it is getting VERY TIRING paying keen attention to every single interaction I have with this game to make sure some random bug is not causing me grief and losses. My guess is that the missing item is a T4 Diraqine Relic since there is a bug in the purchase of those from the shop.

2 Relics

1 Shard pack

3 pieces of gear

Name Code

Hey! Squized your log for this purchase and yeah, you did receive the Diraqine Relic among your rewards in your data. I can see you had 2 prior to this purchase and now have 3.

Luckily a visual issue only. Currently, the data does not recognise the Relic as a “currency” so it doesn’t display among your reward received list, but that doesn’t affect actually attaining it.

Added it to the ongoing report of the soft lock on Relic purchase in the store.

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I too have a similar problem, bought 9 ultimate caches only received 6 rewards can you please investigate!?


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Without seeing your reward screen @Dr.dispair , I’m not sure what was or wasn’t displayed. Looking at your rewards maybe all the Legendary relics were displayed together and the ‘4’ above it was missed?

But you got all your rewards, no Season Relic though:

  • 4 Legendary Relics
  • Accessory Shards
  • Armor Shards
  • Rage of the Ram Spell
  • Mini-Zealot Minion
  • Diraqine Bindings

Okay, Thanks for the clarification :+1: :

@Jeto Hi. All my Caches have disappeared….as in there aren’t any Caches at all on my rewards tab for any of the previous seasons or the current season.

Have you got rid of the Caches?

@Swivel Its a game setting. Go to settings…account…Show Loot Boxes? Enable it. If its disabled you won’t be able to see loot boxes (caches) anymore, till you do.

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@KenpoKid69 Kenpo you star! Not sure how that got disabled but cheers as it was doing my head in! :smile::+1:t2:

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The information may be useful. I bought an Ultimate cache and the animation appeared and then a screen with “Skip” “Continue” frozen, just like when you buy the mythical relic. I had to restart and then confirmed that the relic was in my wallet.