Multiple cache opening

Cashing in Poisoned Sea rewards the cash in multiple caches is broken as it gives you less items than the caches you cash in eg cashed in 3 risen caches and only got two items. Obviously if I cashed them in one at a time I’d get three items. This also happened when I cashed in 5 items at once only got four items I think. Did the three to test it.

On Xbox

Did you make sure you didn’t get multiples of one of those items?

For example, if among your 3 items you got 2 legendary relics, then you would only get two items listed since both legendary relics would appear as a single drop with a 2 number:

Ah good point. I’ll test it again when I have more credits.

This time at season 2.5 I was a bit confused first too. I made a draw of 5 Ultimate chests at once and at the end I saw a counter of 4/4.
BUT: The game divided in 1/1 + 4/4. So I definitely got 5.
I am not sure but I cannot remember this happened at the former seasons.