Can you turn the chest drop dial to 10 it seems to be stuck on 1


I paid for the premium pass for this, and other seasons as is my habit. The drops this season have been paltry to say the least, I still haven’t got the 6th shield even at white rarity. I have lots of minions so that’s not an issue.

Also I spent 800 seasonal coins on the ultimate caches and received 2 legendary relics and 2 lots of armour shards, “thanks” doesn’t even come close to the level my sarcastic dial can turn to.

I’m sure others feel the same.


I’m in a similar boat.

Nothing like opening and high end caches and getting spell shards.

My regular dungeon chests have felt really horrible too. I don’t know if they adjusted drops down, bugged the drops, or if the new opening graphic just makes it feel worse. I can’t even tell you how much rage I feel when a level 100 Diamond Chest drops 1 page of the spell I am farming.

You know how you insult a waitress? You leave that one penny tip. This way the waiter knows you didn’t forget to tip, but you intended to insult their service. That is what the 1 page drops feel like. They feel like the developers are intentionally insulting us as players.


Many of us have commented on how lame the LV100 Ruby and Diamond chests have been post “update”.

Far worse than pre-update, on Playstation at least.


Caches are always a gamble, I learned early on not to bother with them. That goes double since 2.5 dropped; getting a season spell to epic is impossible now, unless you play for ten hours straight.

This whole season has no good loot at all, I’m saving all of my Nemeon coins until they convert to ancient coins and buying mythic relics with them once the season ends.