[Fixed] Minions are not dropping in new season

Hi Team,

I have personally opened 9 chests a day from the new season and have yet to loot either of the two non-store minions. I asked in my guild discord, and so far there is nobody that has received a minion from the new season chests or caches.

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I have one minion called Everling. I’m a platinum pass payer and have noticed the lack of drops too.

+1’ing here as well.

Haven’t seen either of the dropable minions from this season from chests yet.

No minions so far from 20 dungeon chests.

Got the Platinum Pass. Opened a ton of Difficulty 9 and 10 chests and 7 caches so far. Not one minion yet (or shield). (Update - Finally got the shield, still no minions yet though)

So I can say I was lucky, in the chests I opened I received a minion - Dragonsprite and a shield and twice the belt

Dragonsprite is from Season 1.3 Into the Dreamhold. We’re talking about the current and newest chapter Season 2.3 Watchers in the Stars.

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I apologize. I was wrong, it’s a minion with a different origin from the main story. Anyway the shield and belt are from the Diraqine set

No dropable minions from 2.3 here neither.

Opened 6x9 dungeon chests level 100 and no droppable minion found yet.

No minion drops. Any Devs going to chime in on this?

Reported this in the morning and changed over the thread title at the same time :sparkles:
We won’t always get a chance to leave a comment, but will change a thread name once we are looking into a topic/bug report.


Hi Jeto. Thanks for quick reply. Hope it’s corrected soon as minions drop rate is thin as it was last season, to get none puts Platinum, gold and free play members behind the 8 ball working on rewards. Hope to hear a fix date soon. Thanks.

We are still investigating. Currently, I can confirm they are in the Season Cache, and we are still looking at Chests.

I’ve gotten Mini-Zealot and Elverling from the cache.


Hey all,

Hoping to get a fix out for these missing Minions from chests in the next 24-48 hours (hoping sooner)!


Just got an Everling from a chest.


Excellent, it did go out early!


I got a mini-zealot. Thanks!

I got an Everling from a golden dungeon chest yesterday and a Mini- Zealot from a diamond chest today.
Fix seems to work. Thanks.