A bit disappointed in the current season

So I find the new season to be very frustrating with the Fae-touched gear and the absolute randomness to try to accomplish the season goals.

Now I know the upcoming crafting update may give me the ability to reach some of the goals, but right now I am fully regretting upgrading to the Platinum+ Pass.

With those frustrations, the game further decided to troll me. Has anyone out there obtained a lower rarity piece of Fae-Touched gear? Level 100 Chest of course too.


Thank you for starting this thread, I was considering writing one too about my absolute dissatisfaction with this current season. I paid for the the platinum season pass and consider it a complete waste of money, as previously identified by others recycled gear, less minions etc, are the tip of the iceberg. My experience for chest drop rates, quality of gear mirror yours Esoxnepa, I also spent 2000 coins on caches with complete garbage as the return.


I was also wondering if I should start such a thread, clearly the most disappointing season until now. There have been seasons with gear I didn’t care much about, but at least I could easily collect it, but this one…

Right now, when only a bit more than 1 week is remaining, I have yet to get any Fae-Touched Dreamhold mirror and cuirass. Even worse, my best Fae-Touched piece is a single epic Dreamhold walkers, the rest are all rare or worse pieces. The variant gear system together with the 3.0 rework have clearly made this the worse season by far in terms of loot (if I want Dreamhold gear I will go to season 1.3, thank you). I really feel sorry for all those players that purchased the Platinum Pass and have then regreted it (which I believe to be quite a lot).


Dreamhold cuirass is the missing item for me. And I am wondering, is it really exists? :anguished:

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I believe that Jeto once said that all items within a dungeon/season drop with equal probability, but I disagree. Dungeon I drops more belts that anything else, dungeon II drops mostly rings… And season 3.0 clearly drops more rings than anything else. The drop balance of Season 3.0 is terrible, I hope the devs see how many of us aren’t able to even get the 6 unique pieces goal and don’t repeat the same mistake.


FYI I have 2 of the Cuirass Fae touched. 1 epic one common.


From someone who mains a class that would be interested in this Season’s gear, this season has been disappointing as well. At least for right now, Fae-Touched bonuses are somewhere in the range between “very” to “extremely” disappointing and inconsequential in usefulness to pursue.

I suppose I’ve been very fortunate in comparison with my chest drops in comparison to you.

but all of that currently equates to near nothing. I was lucky enough to pull a Legendary Fae-Touched amulet from the Season Caches, but the single variant bonus alone doesn’t make the rare Cache pull feel meaningful. The rest of the Legendary gear is on a temporary stay of execution waiting to see if some way to advance it to Mythic is coming in 3.1.5, else it just going to be a bunch of 20 Aether salvages to throw on the slowing growing pile of thousands of rotting Aether in inventory with no practical use.

That said… I will add the disclaimer that the Fae-Touched bonuses look really bad right now.

If, and this is a mighty big if, the Fae-Touched bonuses are designed for a post-gear revamp world where melee/crit damage has been utterly annihilated DBZ-style all the way down to where spell/crit revamped damage is now, then maybe Fae-Touched bonuses may be somewhat acceptable.

Jeto is correct from a certain specific perspective, but is missing a key qualifier in which to frame that perspective.

The accurate answer is "All items within a dungeon/season drop with equal probability, within their category of gear. This has always been the case and Jeto is not wrong here.

However, and a very big however, is that the distribution rates with in the drop table for each category of gear is NOT equal and actually varies by chest type. The actual rates per type of treasure chest drops has never been been made public, AFAIK. As a relic of the game from all the way back in 0.xx beta, high rarity (Ruby and Diamond) chests have a strong bias towards rolling weapons over other types of gear. Spells drops worked in this way as well originally in these chests, but were addressed in the spell revamp.

So, yes, I do agree with you that chest drop rates do need to be re-reviewed and adjusted.


Man I made an account just so I can like this post/thread as it accurately described what I have been going through in dungeon/season grinding. So many guard belts/rings :exploding_head: Losing steam in the grind/game…Hopefully we hear soon about the details for the follower rework.


Ive only had 2 pieces of ledgendary fae touched, cant believe there are people is a worst off situation

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Probably an unpopular opinion, but I kind of like the new season. While it does feel bad when you’re not getting them, Fae Touched gear essentially being shiny foil ultra rares is a cool idea and it does feel really good when you finally get one. I love being able to farm and buy 2 dreamhold relics a week. The Dreamhold set although first appearing weak on paper is deceptively a really good set. Then we have the minions, Efredi is nothing special, but Mothling I’d say is top tier. Both spells are excellent as well. Really alot to like in this new chapter IMO. Really the only thing that annoyed me was buying so many caches and only getting 5 Amulet of the First legendary, no mythic or even touched versions of it that I was obviously aiming for.

I think that repeating a previous relic is a good idea rather than getting yet another new one.

I like Mothling and the spells too. Getting half minions and spells as usual can be a bit disappointing, although at least it makes it easier to get enough spell pages to upgrade them.

However, the really low drop rate of the variant pieces feels extremely bad, specially for those of us who haven’t been lucky and may not even get the goal of having 6 different pieces.


I don’t know if I have mentioned, but since there was changes to the Seasons, I have shared the feedback with the team and we have been looking at ways to improve the Seasons and Season Pass - with the expectation these changes will be in 3.1

Examples of feedback shared were

  • Season pass feels like it has lost value
  • The drop pool feels watered down with the mix of old gear AND variant gear
  • I reraised feedback about the ancient coin daily cap
  • Completing the gear goals if difficult without ascension as well

We will be sharing the patch notes soon, so keep an eye out.


I do not know how many of those mythic Dreamhold pieces you received from this season, vs having before, but here are my top drops. I opened every Legendary Cache I could and 9 Level 100 Chests every day except possibly 3 days.

Now this is the thing with the Panchinko System. It is all gambling. So I pulled a total of 8 legendary items over the course of the season and no mythics. I have no idea what their expected rate is, but with the Goals for the season being things like 5 legendary items and 3 mythic items, you would think with a week left I would have completed those.

Remember that negativity bias is a thing. I am going to feel the sting of this way more than any positive results in past seasons. Why, because it is all random. So when I get 450 Armor Shards out of an Ultimate Cache, it stings.

I really like the little end bonuses that were added to every adventure and I’d really like to see Borderlands Bash keep the extra coins it got for the anniversary, because now it feels very good to play, whereas before it felt lackluster. One of my favorite things now, is to see what rewards were added to each adventure, I think that’s one of the bigger wins of this season.

1 mythic fae touched dreamhold ring. 0 legendary fae touched. So I didn’t finish all the goals, but I’m planning on keeping at least one copy of each of my weaker fae touched gear anyway, in case the crafter follower rework allows us to mythic them at a later date.

And yeah the goals for this season were rough and a bit unfair, I agree.

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I have managed to get the two spells to mythic, which I’ve never done with earlier seasons, but the gear drops are horribly disappointing. I’ve somehow managed the complete set at rare, but not a single mythic drop. Most days I can’t get anything above a gold chest from dungeon battles.

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I’ve just noticed I haven’t even satisfied the requirements for seasonal goals for unique pieces 4/6 never mind rare 4/6 and legendary 3/5, mythic’s at 2/3. This is playing every day and opening all 9 chests from the platinum pass.

Its not my effort that is being reflected, its the nature of this poor season and poor drop rates. This is the second season in a row that’s been fraught with problems through bad planning on the consequential outcomes of ‘Fae touched’ and ‘shields’ just ‘shields’.

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