[Fixed in 3.0.1] Season 3.0 challenges are unachievable

Just looking over the new season. There’s only 2 spells and the unique piece and 2 minions.
How are we supposed to complete some of these???
Please think of something to fix this. @Jeto or @Kafka
I know that your hands are full and you have a lot going on but i figured that you needed to know about this.


The gear goals should include the Fae-touched Dreamhold gear items along with the Legendary Amulet.

But I have let the team know about the Spells & Minions.


Fix for this will likely go out today, I believe!


So now we have 12 items to pull from as fae touched and the regular dreamhold gear is in the ultimate cache amd dungeon. I think dreamhold fae touched gear should be exclusive to this season only amd not having 2 sets of gear in there.
@Jeto thanks for fixing the challenges but you guys doing this is just irritating and i don’t think it’s very fair to players. Talk to the devs please about this. Thanks.

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First of all, I am 100% against regular Dreamhold gear dropping in 3.0 caches. There is absolutely no reason to do this apart from deliberately making it more difficult for players to get 3.0 exclusive gear and achieving 3.0 goals. If we want regular Dreamhold gear we go to Season 1.3, putting it into 3.0 caches with a whooping 4 times higher probability than Fae touched variants is just a blatant decision to hurt players so that they are more likely to spend money to get them. This is a pretty bad idea after alienating plenty of players with the recent reworks and speaks badly of the future of the game if the upcoming changes stick to this philosophy of making the game more grindy and less free-to-play friendly.

Are we sure that 3.0 dungeon chests also give regular dreamhold gear? I hope it is only caches. Otherwise, the 2th year aniversary celebration’s season will be utterly disappointing.


I did my nine battles and didn’t pull anything but spells and crap. No gear. It was pretty disappointing.


I opened 9 level 100 dungeon chests ranging from iron to diamond and just got resources (all of them nearly waste for me) and 2 times a very small amount of spell pages.
I don’t have a second set of dreamhold gear to make it fae-touched.
So devs, please create an adequate solution in time!


You don’t need a second set. Fae touched is dreamhold gear but a variant. As you collect fae touched you’ll also collect the dreamhold set basically.

Today I first time got gear from my level 100 dungeon chests. One was an epic falchion (fae-touched).
But 3 others (common pledge, rare shield, rare pledge) were only normal ones (not fae-touched)!
In my eyes this is a bug!
I paid the platinum season pass and get a lot items for scrap back.
As well I cannot reach the season goals.


Still not a single Fae touched piece in chests… And I won’t be opening a single cache, I already didn’t like the lottery feeling to it, now that the odds of getting something good are even worse much less. I feel the execution of the variant idea has been pretty awful.


I’ll see if I can get someone to look into this now - because I have gotten Fae Touched items but currently don’t recall if that was a cache or chest

If the drop rates in chests are equivalent to caches (4 regular and 1 fae touched) it doesn’t surprise me too much, just randomness at work (I have gotten several regular pieces). So I am not really concerned this being a bug or an account issue.

My point is mainly that the combination of depending only on chest drops from 3.0 rework + only a 20% of the gear rework behind fae touched feels pretty bad and does make achieving the goals look more difficult, and this is a good show of that, not having a single season exclusive gear piece after over a week. It may be that by the time the season is finished I am able to reach most goals, but the huge difference compared to previous season does make it feel worse right now.

Thanks for your hard work.

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Still want to confirm, even if it’s for my own sake. Okay I got one after a few chests

In the meantime, I have passed on feedback about the introduction of variant gear in the Season and reusing existing gear has affected drop rates, value etc to the team
And something I hope to discuss with them a little more and definitely before the next Season rolls around.


Anjara has gotten quite a few fae touched items in chests, so it is just RNG at its worst. My kingdom members could argue that I shouldn’t complain too much since until recently I have always been blessed with an insane high mythic relic drop rate… But we have an hypothesis that complaining makes RNG improve :sweat_smile:

Now seriously, I believe the team has to keep an eye on feedback about the new season because it is being quite poorly received. The variant system could be great, but the actual execution doesn’t feel nice. Not adding a new T4 relic is great, for example, and giving more versatily to existing sets by using variants seems nice. But I would have preferred a system in which the variant pieces have only the variant ability, making it so that 100% of the seasonal gear is the variant.

Again thanks for always being here for us. Have a nice weekend!