[Not a bug] Standard Dreamhold gear in 3.0 chests

I’ve opened a couple of chests from 3.0 that have contained 1.3 gear instead.

Maybe it’s a confusion due to the use of the same mythic relics?

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Were they regular dreamhold gear or Fae Touched variants?

I’ve opened a couple of chests from 3.0 that have contained 1.3 gear instead.

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I had opened one that had regular 1.3 gear. At uncommon. :laughing:

Jokes on me for opening a cache at 100 coins but still. Doesnt feel good. Caches should just be the better stuff for the cost value.

I spent 200 on the best cache and got a pair of 1.3 gloves.

Surely they must do SOME testing before launch?

I believe its intentional. Fae touched is basically a superior version of Dreamhold with all the powers of the old set with the additional fae touched power. Not the way I thought they’d do it, but that seems to be the way it was done.

If it is intentional, very poor decision in my opinion.


That can’t be right. Does the corrupted guard chapter give out normal guard stuff too?

I don’t disagree. I would have preferred Dreamhold get buffs where needed (because it is a a very lackluster set imo), dream gems added to 1.3 (which to the devs credit they did do this) and then the fae touched gear at normal dropping odds as viable variants to the original dreamhold set. That would have been a huge win.

Also feels bad getting the unique cache item, the first pendant, because it is pretty awesome. But only get it at legendary and still have to keep farming to try and get the mythic version of it.


Just think of the precedent being set here.

Devs could spend the next two years adding variant versions of each of the gear sets for Season 1 and 2 and Seasons 3 and 4.

Isn’t that a wondeful thought? /s

I actually love the idea of variant gear being introduced. I think its a great idea. But I’d just rather see it enhance an older set, not completely replace it altogether.

Well, it is new content, isn’t it? A wonderful business:

  • Min costs of creative work. Just add a new ability to existing gear.
  • Power creep. Previous gear becomes useless so there is an enhanced need for players to grind new seasons (and spend money on it).

If this is the future of the game, it doesn’t look good at all.


I like the idea of variant gear but with the following conditions:

  • It is the only gear that drops in the season
  • It has an alternative ability, not both regular and variant abilities.

I completely agree. Although I do like the idea that the original gear might help in the new season and that the new gear may help in the old season and that they share the same mythic relic.

That is something good indeed. The variant gear idea itself is not bad at all and has some nice aspects to it. Sharing the same mythic relic instead of adding a new one is nice. But the current execution seems pretty awful to me, a blatant money grabber.

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If the 3.0 season included only Fae Touched Dreamhold gear I would be disappointed. So the fact that it is 20% Fae Touched and 80% 1.3 gear is insane!

3.0 is a “Major” version change. Are you telling me all they could come up with was tweaked gear at a limited drop rate?


Maybe this time it will finally be made clear that forcing a new Season every 2 months together with big impact changes is not a good idea. If the team is small and the human resources are limited, prioritize your goals. Trying to get everything done will only end up in unfinished releases full of bugs nad issues. As plenty of players have already said, it is much better to get less new content but at least making sure the current content and the few novel things are enjoyable and working properly. This season clearly feels like a rushed job designed to take the least time and work from devs so that they can focus on other things and as such, it feels awful.

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Well, from a cost efficiency perspective, it is a good idea. GoW and PQ3 already share a significant number of assets. So, there’s that.

Power creep does need to be a thing in games like these. For being 2 official years into the game, there is still a surprising number of original gear pieces that are meta or are very competitive with the meta.

Rare variants of rare gear drops does leave a bad taste in one’s mouth though, as others have said.