Season 3.0 Dungeon Chests

Hey everyone,

I’ve been keeping up with all the feedback since 3.0 released, and part of it has been largely discussions around the drop rates and the push to grind for gear in chests.

In part of this discussion it was reported players weren’t finding any gear in Season Dungeon chests (not including caches).
This is something I had been noticing also while playing on my own account and after further investigation (and some mass chest opening) I have reported to the team that there is no Gear or Minions dropping in Dungeon chests within the 3.0 Season

I wanted to make a separate thread, as not everyone actively reads through each thread or ones that aren’t marked as bug reports.

This is being investigated as a high priority and I have already created a task for compensation to be organised, to then be sent out to everyone has soon as this has been resolved.

I’m sorry that this has occurred, especially in a time where there is a lot of feedback coming in about the gear rework… to then just not have gear in dungeon chests :woman_facepalming:t2:

As soon as I can get any further information, I will be back here as soon as possible.


Thank yiu @Jeto for always staying on top of everything and keeping things running smoothly for the players.


I really appreciate everyones patience while I do what I can to try and get on these as fast as possible… I’ll be posting in the Crowns in Bazaar issue thread shortly too :face_exhaling:


While you are writing up bug reports on the Season Chests, please poke the appropriate devs to re-examine the drop odds table to include drop rates for Season Gear at Mythic rarity, which currently do not exist on the table (at least as shown to the player).

As such, there does not appear to be any way currently to obtain any Season Gear piece at Mythic rarity because gear currently cannot be evolved…


oh yeah, don’t worry it’s on my growing list for my day


I want to buy you a coffee just based on the exhaustion/frustration I can feel in that sentence.


Once again, Thank you Jeto for keeping on top of everything! Legend.


We are currently testing fixes to resolve the following issues

  • Data for season caches not displaying a mythic drop chance
    • but till 3.1 we can only display it under Legendary in the cache drop chances


  • Caches not containing mythic items

  • Season 3.0 Dungeon were missing Gear & Minions missing from drop pool

Additionally, reported elsewhere, was Seasons 2.5 and backwards were displaying “also in caches” on pets that were not in caches. This is due to Season 3.0 having only 2 Pets, and were included in caches. Adjusting this text unfortunately retroactively changed all Season Shop pet text.

I do not expect the text to get resolved by the weekend, as trying to get the missing items back where they belong is much higher priority.

Update: the items listed, excluding the pet cache text, should have their fix released before the next daily reset/within the next few hours.

If there is any further update, I’ll return - I will not have compensation details till after the weekend at the earliest unfortunately.


They are being pushed out to live now.


Thank you @Jeto and the rest of the dev team. This is much appreciated :clap:


Once again, thank you very much @Jeto . The team and the community is truly lucky to have you. You always make us feel that there is at least one person that truly cares and works as hard as possible to help us. It is a pity your amazing work and dedication isn’t enough, as time passes and we suffer issue after issue the morale keeps dropping and the community gets more and more fed up. I hate that you are the one that suffers through all of this, when our rage, anger and frustration is never directed at you but at the ones that make the final decisions and that make such a poor work of this game, whoever they may be.

You are really great and I hope the team and higher ups understand how valuable you are, without you this would have collapsed long ago. I know that you are part of the reasons I will keep investing my time on helping around here on the forums, even when I am so frustrated about the current state of the game.

You truly are the Eveline all us heroes need :slightly_smiling_face:


You can’t be making me tear up first thing in the morning @HigureTheStillWind, I gotta see these bugs so I can report them & I can’t be crying into my coffee.

Thank you, deeply. This is very appreciated and why I greatly enjoy being in this community.


Slow update in here, working on compensation and hoping to get it set up asap but I need to get it all approved and what not first.


Compensation is going out for this now.

  • 600 Season Currency
  • 200 Gems
  • 12 Dungeon Loot TIckets
  • 1 Ruby Key
  • 1 Diamond Key

There will also be a separate compensation for the Double Ancient Coins in open Archives issues, and a smash to send out the missing spell pages for those who bought multiple stock in the Bazaar but only received one.


@Jeto please pass this on those that are making these decisions. I don’t want to shoot the messenger :slight_smile:

So the compensation is identical for F2P as it is for those that paid for the season pass(es)? How does that compute at all?

If season 3.0 is an example of the low effort content we are going to get in future season you can count me out as a revenue source. It is shameful to repackage Dreamhold gear and sell it as new. Tack on the fact that the team can’t even manage to release this without major bugs when it is just a “new” season packed with old gear. And to add more on the pile they did all this while reducing the new spell and pet content by half… all while still charging full price for the passes!

Day 1 failures

  • chests don’t have gear (fixed)
  • gear does not trigger goals (fixed)
  • spell and pet goals were not tuned to work with the lower number (fixed)
  • only two pets (50% of previous seasons)
  • only two spells (50% of previous seasons)
  • “new” gear is 20% of the gear drops. (not a bug, just an unforgivable design choice)
    • New gear is not upgradable, which makes attaining the Legendary and Mythic goals much harder and completely random.

This wound me up too, I think anyone who bought season 1.3 should be compensated.

I wonder if 3.1 loot will just be “death-touched” Fallen gear…?


Fae Touched was not what I was expecting, but its not a terrible idea. Think of them as highly prized foil cards that are much harder to obtain than the normal versions.

The dungeon drops I think are ok (now that they are fixed), but the cache drops still feel a bit wonky.

I think if the “major” pirize is still in there, then it should drop at mythic only. The other pieces could be in the regular dungeon drops at and up to mythic, making it to where the season goals are actually attainable.


I like the idea too, but having two seasons give the same loot feels like a scam. The variant gear should at least have a higher chance to drop.

What do you mean by “foil cards”?


You get the collector hooked by having those ultra-rare chase or foil cards. The idea I think is to keep players farming the chapter for the special enhanced fae touched gear. Does feel bad though, not getting any really good drops.