[Reported] Fae-touched gear doesn't count towards 3.0 goals

This may be related to the reported issues on Season 3.0 with gear.

A kingdom member got a legendary faer-touched falchion. However, the 3.0 gear goals aren’t counting it.



I don’t think that it’s counting the weapon as a piece of gear for some reason.
I have one too but it’s only rare but still didn’t count.
Hopefully this is unintended too.

I just got a rare Fae touched weapon and doesn’t count towards the goals too. There is clearly some issue (another one) going on here.

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I have 2 pieces from the “new” set and the seasonal unique amulet. It looks like the amulet is not counting either… or maybe one of the other pieces, who knows, logic is out the window with most of these bugs lately.




I believe someone else said the same thing. So it seems both the amulet and the falchion aren’t counting.

Yes, I have the falchion, and the progress bar shows zero…

Wonder if it has something to do with the Amulet of the First coming in regular and Fae Touched. The Fae touched version has like a 1% chance of dropping if you add all 3 legendary versions 0.56%, 0.17%, 0.07% and the 3 mythic versions 0.14% 0.04%, 0.01%

Mine are also not tracking

Its a shame the exalted dreamhold gloves i pulled didnt count as a “unique mythic” as well


Today I got the ring, which is the first fae touched item that I get, and it is counted towards the goal.
However, the ring’s effect is exactly the same as the effect of the regular dreamhold ring.

I have some fae touched pieces and the variant effect is working correctly. It’s just not mentioned on gear pieces anywhere currently.

Also, because the effect is just a straight stat buff, theres no icon on the player side to represent a Power buff. You have to go to your in-batte stat sheet to see the Power buff when the qualifying conditions are met for the buff to activate.

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It is. If you go to the gear ability info box and click on the right arrow you go first to the set info box and then you get the variant ability info box:


I did not know this. Thanks for pointing this out!