A Shorter Season

Hi Adventurers,

Season 1.3: Into the Dreamhold will be a little shorter than our previous Seasons, so we will be making some small adjustments and sending an additional 2 weeks of Seasonal Currency to all players who purchase a Season Pass. We’ve included all the details below.

Click here for details for Season Pass Holders

Players who purchase a Season Pass will be receiving 505 Fae Nectar (The Dreamhold Seasonal Currency). This is equivalent to what you could earn if the Season ran for roughly 2 weeks longer.

  • You will receive the 505 Fae Nectar in your game mail when you purchase the Season Pass
  • You will receive this regardless of whether you buy a Platinum or Gold Pass
  • You will only get it once (i.e. You don’t get a second mail-out if you upgrade from Gold to Platinum)
Click here for details for every Adventurer

Goal Changes for Season 1.3 Into The Dreamhold

Season battle goal changes:

  • Unchanged 10
  • 20 → 15
  • 40 → 30
  • 60 → 45
  • 80 → 60
  • 100 → 80
  • 125 → 95
  • 150 → 110

Follower level goal changes:

  • 10 → 5
  • 20 → 15
  • 30 → 25
  • 40 → 35
  • 50 → 45

Own Rare Gear goal changes

  • 3 → 2
  • 6 → 5

Own Legendary Gear

  • 2 → 1
  • NEW 2
  • 5 → 4

Own Mythic Gear

  • Unchanged Own 1
  • REMOVED Own 3

Own Legendary Minions

  • NEW Own 2

Own Mythic Minions

  • REMOVED Own 2

Own Legendary Spells

  • NEW Own 2

Own Mythic Spells

  • REMOVED Own 2

We can’t wait to see you all in The Dreamhold soon!

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Thanks for the detailed information

Can you please clarify, the pass costs (Gold and Platinum) - The same cost or reduced cost?

The Season Passes will be the same price as usual, the only change is that we’ll be sending the additional Seasonal Currency to Pass holders.

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In addition to having less time to get enough resources, there’s also less time to hit the season goals, which means less opportunity to get the extra resources needed to try for the Season-specific legendary item, Oberon’s Keybelt.

In season 1.1 and 1.2, it took me 40 ultimate caches and 25 ultimate caches (respectively) to get the season legendary item. This season, I’ve already tried 25 ultimate caches and did not get the item; however, I don’t think I’ll be able to get enough resources to try 40 times, even after getting the special bonus resources.

I definitely appreciate the additional 505 Fae Nectar that was given. Any chance we could get more to account for the fact that there’s less opportunity to hit the season goals? Without the extra two weeks to buy weekly season-specific relics, we’re not able to get the legendary and mythic items needed to hit the legendary and mythic goals… Which means we don’t have as much Fae Nectar to try for Oberon’s Keybelt.


Sorry, but I do not agree that the 505 is an adequate compensation for the shortage of the season.

  1. With the introduction of Resh we additionally needed 150 fae flowers per week which is 900 for 6 weeks. Means much more needed in this season while season goal rewards are still same.
  2. At season 1.1 and 1.2 we could get 9 t4 and t3-relics. This allows us to upgrade 3 times legendary and 2 times mythic. But at this season only 2 times legendary and one times mythic is possible. Yes, there are also the possibilities to find some relics in caches. But there are not enough fae flowers to open the needed quantity of caches.
    So why this season cannot run longer?
    Or there is another system to get the needed relics by buying directly?
    People who are spending money for a platinum pass are aiming for the interesting new gear and spells. But for gear it only makes sense if we can get relics to upgrade all 6 different gear items for at least 1 color (green for dreamhold) or 2 (red and dark for Flametree and Khazduli) within a realistic time.
    Actually season time is too short. But with the actual implemented system it is nearly impossible to upgrade the rest of seasonal gear, spell and minions afterwards.

@Egara Couldn’t have said it better than myself! I got the platinum pass because I’m interested in the new gear. But after playing the season to the max, I don’t have enough opportunity to get the new legendary gear.


After opening 32 Ultimate caches this short season - I got LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of superior shards, but 0 legendary drops, and 0 Oberon’s Keybelt. Considering the hardcore limitations that the developers put on obtaining ancient coin in the archive (including for those who purchased season passes), it will take weeks to get enough ancient coin to have a reasonable shot at getting this season’s Legendary item. I mean, to get enough ancient coin to try for another 32 ultimate caches, it will take LITERALLY 32 weeks, LOL.


Finally tally after opening 34 ultimate caches this short season - I got LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of superior shards, but 0 legendary drops, and 0 Oberon’s Keybelt.


If we assume that the drop rates for Oberon’s Keybelt and legendary drops would remain unchanged
Do you think it would be better to:
Increase the frequency or (rare) seasons gear pieces (by removing shards)
May as well leave shards in because its only the legendry’s and Keybelt that are being targeted, so it makes no difference what the %'s of everything else are anyway
something else (and if so, what)?

Excellent questions all around! There are a few things I would suggest:

  1. Provide more opportunities to get Seasonal Resources. The current 30-coin cap on ancient coin is pretty ridiculous for those who have purchased season passes. I mean, I’ve purchased all three seasons, and I’m still capped at 30 coins total.

  2. You know how we get a legendary Bloodfang Shield when completing the main quest? Perhaps there can be a Seasonal Reward where if you’ve opened 30 or 40 ultimate caches you get the legendary item.

  3. Double check that:

  • the RNG programming is functioning correctly.
  • chances to win certain prizes are programmed correctly.
  • there isn’t anything that artificially decreases a user’s chance to get those legendary items (e.g., using crowns to get extra resources for getting caches)


It is very standard in gacha style draws to have a giant pool of “loser” tier drops (there often are at least a low - mid - high tier categorization for each possible outcome from a given draw). Each tier is generally assigned a percentage draw rate, which is then split over all of the outcomes allocated to each tier based upon how frequently the devs want various things to be pulled by players and enter the game’s economy.

Lowest tier stuff (ex: shards) are just filler “loser tier” trash drops and intentionally fill the majority of the loot table (just like Kingdom Defense loot tables).

For Season caches, the lowest tier is shards + all the Rare rarity drops.

If shards are reduced in draws, then the likely outcome is that Rare-tier things draw rates get boosted as a result to maintain the desired draw rate of the loser loot tier in general. They aren’t going to increase the highest tier loot table drop rates unless they actively want the rarest things on the draw table to begin to drop more often. Everything else is pretty much just smoke and mirrors, as your quote states.

That’s the purpose of the assigned draw rates on each item in a draw table. The smaller the drop rate of a thing, the greater the expected amount of resources that will be needed to obtain that thing. And yes, the devs can absolutely set the draw rates on things to be low enough that ensure that a significant number of people do not obtain those things to encourage players to spend Gems/Crowns on extra currency for additional attempts to obtain said rare things. That is the literal reason why the extra currency purchase offers are there each week in the Season shop, and why these offers do not exist in the Archive [FOMO for obtaining rare things before a Season ends].

I’ve thought about this one for awhile, and I think the problem (from their view) is that Legendary and Season relics could be too easily obtainable from Caches (they have a 18% draw rate from Ultimate Caches) and then converted into other useful Legendary/Mythic relics by Eveline. It’s a problem because on hand, they are trying to protect and encourage purchasing of Legendary/Mythic Shop offers for Crowns, but on the other hand it’s all but impossible to obtain Legendary/Mythic Seasonal sets currently, even for Season Platinum Pass holders.

That would be nice, as there is no backstop currently for very bad Season RNG. Like you, I did not obtain the keybelt from the Season, even as a Platinum Pass holder. I did get it once, the Season passed into the Archive after another ~10ish pulls. The Archive acts as a second chance mechanic, but it is not a backstop or a guarantee for obtaining a Season Legendary in any way. Perhaps the devs will add a backstop for the Season Grand Prizes one day, perhaps after each full story arc is completed (ex: games moves to a new arc in 2.0., 3.0, and so on).