Seasonal Legendary Item & Ancient Coin

In Season 1.1 and 1.2, it took me 40 ultimate caches and 25 ultimate caches (respectively) to get the seasonal legendary items. In Season 1.3, I opened 37 ultimate caches and did not get the seasonal legendary item (Oberon’s Keybelt). Now that the season has passed, I am limited to accruing only 30 ancient coin per day - even though I purchased platinum passes for Seasons 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. This means it will take 1 weak (30 coins x 7 days) to accrue enough ancient coin to have another shot at getting Oberon’s Keybelt with the archived ultimate cache.

Is there any reason why users who purchased the Seasonal Pass are not allowed to get additional ancient coin per day for each pass they’ve purchased? There are dreadfully few opportunities to work towards the seasonal legendary items after the season has ended - even though I bought in on the “platinum” pass.

UPDATE: I’ve now purchased 37 ultimate caches for Season 1.3, and no Oberon’s Keybelt yet.


Could we perhaps get 15 ancient coins per purchased season? For example:

  • If I’ve purchased three season passes, I could get up to 45 coins.
  • If I’ve purchased four season passes, I could get up to 60 coins.

I think this provides more incentive to buy the seasons, and it properly rewards those who have already purchased the seasons.


@Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan

Sorry to tag you like this, but are you aware that if we wanted to upgrade our Anthrite shields from legendary to mythic it would take 4 years? It’s been pointed out previously but I haven’t seen any comments on it.

The rate at which we accumulate ancient coin is 210 per week. Which is just over 1 ultimate cache per week. Each ultimate cache has a 2% chance to have a t4 relic. Just using a baseline of 50 chests to open to get one, it will take nearly 4 years on average. if it’s 25% longer, we’re looking at 5 years! And there is currently nothing we can do to accelerate those gains.

Based on this, I have the following questions:

  • Is it intended to take this long to get this gear to mythic?
  • What is a reasonable amount of time we should expect to upgrade these seasonal items to mythic?
  • If this is intentional, is this gear supposed to be relevant in 4-5 years when people finish getting one piece to mythic?

Could we increase the Ancient Coin generation? Removing the cap seems reasonable because the content is now old and it lets people play the game and work towards something.

Please let us know the current thinking and if this content is viable long term as we are putting significant resources into it.


Gonna jump in and agree here. I have only been able to get the keybelt for legendary items, so there is little too no chance at completing the set. One pull/week at 5%? Terrible.

I like the idea of adding a benefit to those that bought the seasons pass–maybe +30 for the first one and +10 for gold and +15 for platinum on subsequent seasons.


@Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan

Honestly, the current 30 coin max across all archived seasons - regardless of how many seasons you’ve purchased - is insulting to people who have purchased the seasonal passes. It’s like there’s someone out there that is thinking, “What is reasonable to give these players if they purchase this or purchase that? Alright, let’s give them a fraction of that.”

If there absolutely HAS to be caps, the ancient coin caps should be like what @rob or @goatgoat said above. Or maybe 30 per season, not 30 across all seasons. If I’ve purchased 3 seasons, I should be able to get at least 30 ancient coin PER season PER day for a total of 90 per day. That is still VERY limiting, but it’s at least not insulting like the current situation.


They are aware.

After all, there was a flash offer last week for $50 USD that offered that exact upgrade as an option.

@Kafka @Jeto Any ideas if we could get some changes on this?

Also will there be a possibility to revive old seasons and gather achievements again?
As we evolve our items/playing style, we can do more, than the original time when the season was active. It would be nice if - once in a month, between new seasons, e.t.c. - we could get the gift from the achievements we did (reaching certain stage, leveling up seasonal item,s pets) while the season was in archive.


I think this would be a great idea!! It would help a LOT!