Ancient Coins Daily Cap

Current Ancient Coins are limited to 30 per day across all archived seasons. It would be better if the limit was applied on a per-season basis, so that there’s a 30-coin limit for Season 1.1, a separate 30-coin limit for Season 1.2, and a separate 30-coin limit for season 1.3, and so on. Here are the reasons:

  1. After a few seasons, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to acquire higher-tier relics for the seasonal items if people are limited to a season-wide total of 30 coins.
  2. It’s a disservice for people who have purchased the seasons to not let them fully utilize the content they purchased. For example, if I purchased every season, then the season-wide cap will prevent me from being able to upgrade all my gear by limiting how many relics I can purchase.

If anything, perhaps the Developers can change the daily coin cap according to which Season Pass tier was purchased:

  • Gold Tier: Season is limited by season-wide 30-coin cap.
  • Platinum Tier: Each season has its own, independent 30-coin cap.

I agree that the cap is arbitrarily low. 200 would make more sense–why not let players at least get an ultimate cache daily if they’ve bought access to these things? It just feels like a cap to have a cap (looking at you too, gold/food/ore/shards having to be different ranks without conversions).

The gem cap is fine, though.


Been wracking my brain around this for a few days, and I cannot figure out any viable path forward for obtaining high rarity Season set bonuses.

I’ll use my current in-game situation as an anecdote to support my logic.

I’m interested in some of the current Season gear for my Shaman. With the short season, only 7 Mythic relics will be available, leaving me one short of being able to obtain a Mythic Dreamhold I set bonus. The expected value in currency for a single Season Mythic relic is (200 currency per Ultimate Pull) * (100% / 2% pull rate)) = 10000 currency on average. That’s an eye watering amount of Season currency for a ~50% chance to pull that missing relic.

So, maybe I’ll get lucky and pull that missing Mythic relic during the Season, maybe I won’t.

If I fail at that, I’ll get a “second chance” at pulling that Mythic relic when the Season moves to the Archive and I can throw all my accumulated Ancient Coins at the Ultimate Cache. Again, maybe I will pull that Mythic relic, maybe I won’t.

But what if I still fail to pull that relic? Well, at a cap of 210 coins per week and 10000 currency expected value for the Mythic relic, I can expect to pull that Mythic relic in (10000 / 210) = 47.62 weeks, assuming that I actively choose to never spend a single Ancient Coin on any other Reward in the Archive EVER.

Well, that’s sobering (and depressing). sigh

Let’s think happy thoughts, though. I get lucky and do pull that Mythic relic somewhere along the line and am able to obtain that Mythic Dreamhold I set bonus. Yay!

Somewhere along the line, I decide for some reason that the Dreamhold set bonus is the greatest thing since canned Cheez Whiz and want to chase the Dreamhold III set bonus because I am infatuated with the Dreamhold set in general. Well, that would take 4 more Mythic gear ascensions, which would mean 16 more Orbs of Wonder. By this point, the Season is well over, I’m locked to pulling in the Archive for these Mythic relics. Using the numbers above, the expected time (plus or minus RNG) to pull those relics would be:

(10000 expected value Ancient Coins per Mythic relic / 210 Ancient Coin cap per week) * 16 needed relics = 761.90 weeks / 52 weeks per year = 14.65 years.

Umm… that’s a problem. The game will likely have reached end-of-service by then.

So, I’m totally at a loss on how to work with Season gear, given the nigh impossibility of obtaining high rarity ascensions of that gear in the current implementation of the Season/Archive systems.

Some tweaks to these systems are sorely needed to address these shortcomings and to make chasing Season gear more appealing. Because, as in the current implementation, working with Season gear is more troublesome than any benefits that gear may provide.

Oh, and all of that is before even considering the almost mandatory Ancient Coin sinks that will be in place going forward regarding Season-locked Follower crystals, such as Resh. There will be a never-ending stream of Followers to consume any and all Ancient Coins that can be earned each week, leaving none to even save for pulling for relics in the future…


I agree completely that the 30 coin cap is basically bullshit (that’s my personal view of the issue) because of the issues around randomness from caches that @Lyrian has detailed. I too would very much like to play around with the Dreamhold set but feel like the task of being able to progress the gear is insurmountable in the current system. One idea would be to stop making all these stupid distinct currencies and just have one relic set for all seasons (or like with the Archive, convert the distinct relics into a uniform relic system like is done with Ancient Coins for the distinct Seasonal currency). But that doesn’t solve the sense of sheer futility of opening Cache after Cache and getting more Superior Shards that I can’t use.

P.S. There is no reason why Eveline should not be able to make Seasonal Relics once the season is over.


Thanks for doing the math on this. I highly agree that the system needs adjustments. I think at minimum, a simple change like removing shards from caches would help a lot. We pull on caches specifically to get season exclusive things. To save up and get shards is very disheartening, when they’re available from so many other sources that don’t take up valuable resources. If shards were taken out, then the chances to get gear would be higher, and pulling from caches automatically more satisfying. More changes than that are needed for sure, but that one change would be very simple and improve things a lot.


This seems a reasonable solution IMO. This ability of Evelyn should be unlocked once you “own” the season.

More ancient coins a day would be nice too :wink:


I am also firmly in the camp of believing there is no point to collecting seasonal gear as it is basically impossible to evolve.