Missing grind of ancient coins for older players

Hello PQ3 Team,
you made really good work with the last patch. Spellbook and all other changes you made are awesome.
Point is that older players can only get 30 ancient coins a week. That would be only 240 coins.
Because older player mostly played all seasons in all difficulty it is not fair that new players, which is really a great thing, can theoretic grind for 10 relics in a week.
You could argue we already had our coins but the fact is we coul not get a relic.
I remember it took me over 60 days and a lot of money to get my first mythic item.
Compared to now, a player is able to grab in 4 weeks 40 relics !
And older players who financed the game not just 1 relic in a week.
Cant you find a way to make it possible to grind for them ?
Maybe with playing and giving coins for every class playing the season.
Or like the adventure where we could grind for ancient coins ? To make such an adventure to a new topic in the game like dungeons, skyrmish pvp or kingdom defense.
Since i play the game i bought every the seasonal pass which gave me the opportunity to grind easy 8 relics in 8 weeks. Due to the fact on console we started playing with season 2.1 ( if i am right with this ) we never had the chance to get the 8 relics of all seasons before.

I really hope you will find a way to solve this problem. I am playing since 40 years, al lot games from this publisher. And a good grind make out a good game. Even this is a pay to win we should be able to grind for mostly everything.
A good grind is the best motivation for most players to play a game. And with that i stay and leave money on the game. And this is a really exciting game i really enjoy. Its a masterpiece !

Thanks for your service and the good job you make.
Best regards, Michael

There are many complaints with the 2.5 update, but this post talks about something that is related to what bothers me the most. The lack of coherence in concepts.

All games where you can buy upgrades or equipment/resources must maintain a certain balance and I think the mythical relics from the archive seasons were fine as they were. All the players who sought them out had to spend time and effort to obtain them and now they have been devalued to the point where with enough investment you can buy dozens in a day.

And can’t you use equipment and spells without being at level 50? Anyone who wants to take them to that level is free to do so, there is no need to make everything easier in a game whose concept is exactly to work patiently towards a goal.

Furthermore, I also don’t understand why such a profound change was necessary in the spells, which were something that practically no one complained about, but that’s the subject of other posts. I agree with many things Karlsrhue said but I can’t be as positive about the overall assessment.

I was undecided about buying the new quest and season pass but I ended up doing it. May this serve to demonstrate the hope and desire that I have for the issues that have now arisen to be resolved in the best possible way.

I have spent several months farming for seasonal mythic relics and I don’t feel that my hard earned relics have been devaluated at all. On the contrary, I am really happy that they finally gave players the opportunity to get them without having to purchase the seasonal pass or farm for an insane amount of time. I also love having now something really good to spend my ancient coins on, I don’t like the cache lottery at all.


That’s wonderful, everyone can appreciate different things, I don’t dispute what others like, and I’m glad that you and possibly other players think this was a good change. This way you can enjoy the game more. For me it represents a clear pay-to-win trend and I don’t like it.