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With the help of my friends in Throne of Odin kingdom ("Throne of Odin, we have tacos! :taco::taco:, also a most excellent Kingdom if I do say so myself :wink: ), I would like to share some findings that suggest that minion drops by dungeon are specific like gear sets and spells, and that minion assignments may belong to more than one dungeon.

Some Background:

When I first started running dungeons for the then en vogue Bone Rings, I started to get the sneaking suspicion that perhaps specific minions dropped from specific dungeon chests. I had run Skullkeep about 200 times and I had only gotten 4, maybe 5 specific minions from the chests. I thought at first that the minion drops were like gear; certain minions had an increased likelihood of dropping from specific dungeons. However, as I was farming for the Dwarven Hammer in Clockwork, I had the same result, 4 specific minions as drops the entire time I ran the dungeon. At this point, I decided that I would start tracking these drops. Perhaps over time I could figure something out.

Throne of Odin members began to assist and after a while we noticed that many of the minions have numerous instances in a specific dungeon (10+ for some!) suggesting a clear association. My first theory when I was collecting the data was that there was a color association between the dungeons and the minions (I documented the “colors” of the dungeon based on the enemies and indicated them next to the dungeon name) and for a while that held true. However as you can see in the tracking chart below, the color theory started to fade a little bit as more drops were documented:

Minion Tracking UPDATED 6/13/2021

During the data collection, for quite some time, there was never more than 2 dungeons that were associated with any one specific pet but last week we started to get instances of minions appearing in a 3rd dungeon. At this point I was beginning to think there was no actual rhyme or reason despite the clear associations but then came 0.35 update and the introduction of relics. I decided to check the minions for their upgrade/salvage relic association since these dungeon-specific and overall the dungeon relic association agreed with the history of minion drops (at least one of the dungeons where a minion had been recorded as a drop was the same dungeon associated with the minion’s relic material). The following chart shows each minion, its documented dungeon appearances so far, and it’s associated relic material:

Minion Summary UPDATED 6/13/2021

A few comments:

  • The peach shaded cells in the relic column indicate that the dungeon associated with the relic has not had a documented minion drop in our collected data so far. The introduction of the relics certainly suggested that there was a relationship, but the data collected so far seems to confirm this
  • Certain minions occur less frequently relative to others where we had high traffic which suggests that the gear/spell/material relationship possibly exists (“Chests from such-and-such dungeon have an extra chance for items to appear”)
  • There are only 6 green minions and 7 red minions compared to 9 minions each in the other colors. I had expected there to be 8 of each.
  • Certain dungeons had many more completions than other dungeons due to choice leading to an incomplete picture of the relationship of certain minions to dungeons
  • There is no emphasis on chest rarity in the data collection or the rarity of the minions; only the occurrence of a minion in a dungeon-specific chest of any rarity
  • There’s no easy numerical relationship between the number of unique minions and the number of unique dungeons (e.g. 40 unique minions to 20 unique dungeons) to suggest an equitable distribution. My working assumption right now is that there are a maximum of 3 “assignments” but it seems evident that it is more than 1.


So far the data has not given me a clear picture of the exact manner of minion-to-dungeon relationship that exists, but clearly there is a pattern. I am going to continue to document drops and update my schedules and I would like to encourage anyone else who wants to contribute to post their results to this thread. The more people that contribute, the clearer the picture will become. IMPORTANT Please keep in mind that this data collection is specific to minion drops from dungeon-specific chests. Chests from quests (unless it’s the last fight of each Chapter), sidequests, and purchased with marks are not part of this data set.


That’s some data calculations my hats off 2 you! 1 quick thing I was thinking about how do you know what chests you get when you run a dungeon because theres only a % that the dungeons chests drop and not a regular chest meaning if I go to skull guard keep for a bone ring and get an elvin ring is that skull guard Chest or is it? Dont know if that makes since atm… Long day. Dont know how that helps or hurts your info with the pets. You could get a random chests from dungeon and that would through your data off is what I’m trying to say.

The chests rewarded for dungeon runs are specific and you can identify them as dungeon-specific by the icon on the chest (there was the issue with loot tickets before 0.35 and the ongoing issue of party dungeon runs not yielding dungeon-specific chests but those instances are not present here). As I mentioned in the comments, it’s possible that minion drops follow the same rules as gear or spells: that there is an increased chance of getting let’s say an Elven Ring from a Ruins of Lunarion chest, but there is no indication in the dungeon rewards screen what pets are associated with that dungeon (as I theorize) and would therefore benefit from the increased chance. The other possibility is that the minions are fixed seeds to dungeon chest rewards and that if you were to run a dungeon and get a dungeon-specific chest, your possible pet drops are only the seeded options. That is the question that I can’t answer currently.

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Of note: Wyrmheim has Pussbag, Snack Rat, and Octoghoul, making it ideal if you want to farm for high-Cunning minions specifically.


Updated chart data as of 6/13/2021

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