Make chests great again!

haha… ok. In all seriousness, higher rarity chests should be somewhat exciting. Right now they are full stop not. Even lower rarity chests could use a little love, but that’s a problem for a different day.

No actual body should have to wait a day or blow an insane amount of resources for a pile of dryer lint.

My short term solution would be to amp up the rare+ rarity gear/spell etc drops in ruby and diamond chests, and (if you are worried about the economy) have them drop less frequentlyy.


I agree they need some love.

Opening and restocking chests in my vault is literally a chore. I have no hope, enjoyment, anticipation or excitement when I open them. Primarily I open them to refill my gold and ore.

I feel like I receive more rare rewards via daily challenges in a single month than I have in my entire “career” of opening chests (15+ months).

Am I right about the last statement? Perhaps not, but the fact that it is even up for question is disappointing.


In GoW, the guild chest only contains common cards until 10K seals. 20K seals chest doesn’t contain common cards, 40 chest doesn’t contain common and uncommon cards.
Perhaps something like that can be implemented. The parameter can be chest level OR player level, or a combination of both. (There must be some ways remaining for getting low level shards when needed, so be careful with it.)
I am very tired of the recent (high level) 0 gold, 0 food, some shards/scrolls chests. And when I finally open a diamond chest, it has a common pet, or a common armor piece. :disappointed:


The problem with that solution is that the economy is based around buying rare and expensive resources from the shop. If high rarity stuff dropped more commonly from chests, that would likely significantly impact the rate of shop purchases for upgrade parts.

Heck, I’m super suspicious that Season dungeon chest drops are tuned to likely have lower rarity drops than from non-Season chests to encourage greater interactions with the Season shop. Getting Rare (blue) drops from high-rarity Season chests is slightly more common than finding needles in haystacks. Commons and Uncommons as far as the eye can see from ruby and diamond chests.

I agree, pretty much unquestionably.

Most of the game’s modes lack any defining features currently and everything is a muddled mess.

  • Skirmishes: Adding shards to Dungeon chests removed the defining reason to run Skirmishes.

  • Dungeons: Adding shards to Dungeon chests diluted the drop pool for Dungeon gear. Once a desired specific gear set is farmed, there is little incentive to continue farming dungeons. Higher diamond chest drop rates, though? No, because…

  • Hunts: Newest and most efficient mode in the game. Little point running boosted diamond chest drop rate groups in Dungeons when most Hunts offer a bonus guaranteed ruby/diamond chest.

  • Co-Op: For farming diamond dungeon chests, Hunts are faster, more efficient, and has none of the issues with forming and running Co-Op groups.

Before Hunts, Lyranica and myself used to run nightly Co-Op groups. After Hunts were released, by the time I came home from work, Lyranica already had a full bank of diamond chests from running Hunts. So, the nightly Co-Op runs have mostly stopped, as the benefit for running them are small and it is much easier to just speed though some solo Hunts to collect nightly boxes.

Back in the day, Marks could be farmed in Dungeons as one of the key incentivizations for running them. Marks ended up being moved into Events and used to monetize that game mode.

There does need to be things that are exclusive and needed to each mode to incentivize play in them, just as in GoW.

At a minimum, such things need to be added independently to each of the following modes at non-trivial drop rates:

  • Skirmishes
  • Dungeons
  • Co-Op mode (obtainable only while playing in a group)

Hunts are already incentivized through speed of obtaining high-rarity chests. Skirmish and Dungeon fights within a Hunt should not receive the farmable drops that would be exclusive to each game mode.

Or just delete these game modes, and streamline the rewards loop. How many “modes” does there need to be when the gameplay is exactly the same regardless

This is a completely separate issue, the fact that the entire economy is counter productive to fun.

Anyway, I’m not talking about a whole-sale swing to guaranteed rare+ drops. That would indeed just break things even more.

I’m talking about bumping the drop chance of rare+ items inside the top two chests. That could be achieved by removing commons and uncommons from the diamond table and removing commons from ruby. If that would result in too much of a swing, they can tighten the drop rate of those chests.

I guess I am saying my issue is not that I can’t loot decent gear. Yes that is a bummer in itself, but it is what it is. My issue is that looting a high level diamond or ruby chest doesn’t feel good. I get a high level diamond chest and my thought isn’t “Woohoo!” My thought is “great, can’t wait to see how terrible this is, tomorrow.”

When the rarest chests have high drop rates, the quality of things in those chests pay the price. For high rarity chests to have higher quality drop rates, the appearance rates for those chests would have to become much rarer to compensate.

However, the devs have increased the drop rates of high rarity chests by very considerable amounts in recent updates. If I had to fathom an educated guess, it would be that the devs greatly increased the drop rates of high rarity chests cause they saw that key sales for high rarity chests were high. That logic results in exactly what you state your feelings are on opening chests.

I agree with you on those feelings, but I’m dubious that rarer and more valuable things will be made more common because of sales and financial reasons as the devs have intentionally moved in the opposite direction.

And I agree with you as to the likely reasons for this mess. I just think it’s wrong-headed, especially for a new game (albeit old franchise.)

I also agree that the drop rate of high rarity chests is higher. I’m recently back and it definitely seems higher to me, and I have barely dipped my toe into hunts. Those hunt guarentees muddy this all up too. Ugh!

Bottom line is something needs to be done to make high level/high rarity chests worth the “pain.”

I’m going to hate myself later for suggesting this but (oh Dog forgive me!) perhaps a “pity currency” only lootable from high rarity chests, with quantities at low level being negligible. HEY! we already have a baked in sort of pity currency. How about tossing a couple of marks in those chests? Not a boatload. A teeny drip for low levels and something closer to a droplet for high level. I don’t know I’m just spitballing something I could get just a little bit excited about.