Chests are exciting again!

Just dropped in to say TY :blush: I actually look forward to opening chests lately i feel like the luckiest Jam in town


Same! Yesterday I got a Torogon crystal and a Spell glyph from gold chests! :open_mouth:


I second this, opening chests before was kind of a chore of gathering some minor resources vibe. Now that we can get high level resources at what seems a higher rate, there is truly some excitement when opening chests and a greater motivation to run dungeons and doing party.

Thank you!


I completely agree. I was just salvaging gold chests for a long time because I didn’t near the gear or the food or the gold or the ore–and I didn’t want to have to wade through the contents to click, salvage, click, click some more. Just easier to hit “Salvage Chest” and keep grinding. Now, I get overcome with FOMO because people are actually getting rarer items. I, too, popped a few crystals–including an Eviline’s or two, which are what I most prize right now.

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