Chests, follower crystals, PVP, things that can be useful


Old players are completed all followers, or nearing completion. There are followers (the ones, who craft items) who use the surplus crystals.
Brie, Adhakus, Auri, Gong, Xione, Mutiny, Jocea, Elyra, Darkhunter, Resh does not.
Maybe their surplus crystals can be used somehow? Crafting glyphs? Crafting resources? Other advantages? Also there is that point where you farmed all spells. And at that point Xione is no longer useful. And that brings us to another topic:


Spells are absolutely useless after a certain point. You have all the spells, and can relatively easily upgrade them. Spell that are lesser rarity/level that the one you have, can automatically be salvaged - give us spell shards instead.

It would be useful if we could open the inventory window during chest opening. Or at least see, that it is “New” item. New should be defined by the user:

  • There is no item this type (e.g. I have no “Royal Armor” in any rarity, color, level
  • There is no item this color (I have “Royal Armor”, but not the blue one)
  • There is no item this rarity (I have “Royal Armor”, but the best rarity is Uncommon, and this chest gave me an Epic).

Sometimes (usually first thing in the morning) I want “Mass Chest Opening”. I don’t know if it is only my thing, but opening 9 chests to find that all have 0 gold, 0 food, some shards, and spells (automatic salvage) is very tedious. I would like to review the items and check if I want them (checkbox under the items if I want to salvage them or not?)

If it can be known, we would like to know certain reward’s minimum chest rarity and level requirements. (For example: follower crystals from gold rarity, at least level 50 or so, glyph only from ruby, level 75 - these are only examples, I don’t know the data)


I have aquired an item, that is better than the one in the inventory, and want to salvage it. The error message says, that it is used in one hero’s two sets. Can we say, that
"It is used in [Heroname]'s [Setname1] and [Heroname]'s [Setname2]?


Sometimes I feel that 8 set per Hero is a little bit few. There are PVP sets for every color, Kingdom defense sets for every color (no, I don’t want to use blue spell against a blue dragon), sets against different opponents… If we cannot have more sets (for database reasons), perhaps you the Gems of War copy-save-paste method can be implemented. I would be happy if I could save my favourite sets to my own computer, and reload them into a slot with a few clicks.


Can a level 50, citadel level [many] player not have level 5-15 battle is their daily challenges?
They are one hit to the hero, not very challenging, and virtually give no reward.


It is good. But displaying only the level of the hero is useless in the higher Leagues. Can we see the Citadel level also?
I would like to see the rarity of the weapon the opponent has. (It can be learned, the rarer weapon is more elaborate, and generally more colorful/illuminated, but sometimes I am not sure.)

Thanks for reading it, I hope some of these suggestions are useful for other players, and can be done.