Please put Dungeon logos on chests in slots

We need logos on chest slots especially for farming spell pages no way to tell what chest your opening when its ready to collect


This is an excellent suggestion kush. :+1:t2:


There is a way: instead of directly open the chests, get a new chest and when you put it on the chest vault you will see where the chests are from before opening them.

However, your suggestion would surely help.

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@HigureTheStillWind that cant work for character swapping for specific spells right? Thats where i find a big problem.

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You can always get a new chest and use it to look through the chests you have and then if your current character is not good for opening any of them, just open the chest you got with a key. But this is just a bandaid, it would be much better to not need to do this.


Indeed thats way too convoluted

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I keep meaning to suggest this, but always forget as soon as I power down the console. That way we won’t get the wrong spell if we open it with the wrong class.


Popped it into my QoL list!


Yes, this would be a great QoL improvement. If we could see the level as well as origin of a “ready” chest before we open it, that’d be even better.

When clicking on an “in process” chest, a menu comes up, showing this information along with the options to abandon or complete the chest retrieval process.

Maybe a version of this menu could be used for “ready” chests - rather than immediately opening them - with the “open now” button being one of the options?