How do I get new spells?

new player here. is the only way to get spells via chests ? I have only 3 spells at lvl 20. can’t even fill all the spell slots, feels kinda bad tbh.

Spells can run drop randomly out of Ruby and Diamond chests of any level.

For specific class spells, you can farm Easy mode of Chapter dungeons (each dungeon drops one specific class spell; you can check which spell it is on the dungeon select screen) after you have cleared the dungeon once in Story mode.

If you do not know how to access the dungeon select screen, on the map screen where Story mode is normally played, tap the “X” button in the upper right of the map to zoom out to the world view. Then, scroll and tap a chapter you have previously cleared to access its dungeon.

Ensure that on the dungeon select screen, that you change the difficulty down to Easy, as Normal will likely be too difficult. Changing the difficulty to Easy does not affect chest drop rates in the dungeon.

Just adding that if you get tired of scrolling around the map, you can just tap on any dungeon that is unlocked and select a different dungeon on the next screen, similar to how you select a chapter for skirmishes. I’m embarrassed to admit to how long I played before I figured that one out. :eyes:

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You and me both. The interface on getting to the dungeon select screen is not very intuitive at the moment.

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Truth. To add to that burden, the game is very hit and miss at remembering what you were doing. Do a dungeon… oops I need to manage some inventory now… back to dungeon!.. Ugh, I have to dig around for it again. Sometimes it plops me in the general neighborhood, other times it plops in the middle of nowhere.

One teeny tiny improvement (which will be so far down the list of priorities, for reasons) would be to have a roll over in the little selector. So if it plops me by chapter 1, I could go into that and use a back arrow to get to, say 14. Not sure if that makes sense.