How to add more spells

How to add more spells?buy it in shop or what?i’m newbie to this game

You start with two spell slots and two spells. As you level up you will unlock the third and fourth slots.

Additional spells can be found in chests. Spells found will either be for the class that opened it, or a general spell that any character can use. Gold, Ruby or diamond chests should have a chance of providing a spell.

does that mean I have to wait for chests to get new spells?

While playing through the story you should earn a chest after every battle. If you have keys (also found while playing through the story) you can open them immediately, otherwise they go into your storage where you can assign a minion to opening them. This will take hours depending on the rarity of the chest (1hr for wood, 3h for iron, 6h gold, 12h ruby, 24h diamond).

Chest can also be won after other battles - skirmish, dungeon, daily events.