How do Spells work in this game?

When I created a second character I immediately gained access to all their spells, but I also noticed that there’s an option to salvage spells. Do spells drop from chests, as opposed to the typical “Level up your character to unlock new spells” style?

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Yes, you can also purchase a random spell from the shop too (under the daily deals)

When you salvage a spell (Eg a duplicate spell you obtained) you get ‘spell shards’ which you use to upgrade your spells (with a little gold too) to make them more powerful

You can equip new spells as you get them if they are better than the ones you currently have.


Thanks for explaining!

Do you happen to know how the mana system works? What determines how much mana you get for a Gem match, and how do Mastery levels play into that (if they even play into that, maybe they do something completely different)?

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Yep, I bought a random spell which turned out to be Spin Move, but I already had that from my Barbarian character, so I could salvage one of them.

You can equip the same spell to multiple characters at once, so you only need to keep one copy of each.

Still working out the mana system though.

Can you use the same equipment on multiple characters at once as well, without having to unequip and re-equip?

If so, that means that swapping heroes is more like swapping hero classes in Gems of War, in that it only really affects the character’s Ultimate ability. Unless I’m missing some other unique attributes of the hero?

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We are currently working on our game guides, so will make sure to have an article that explores this in detail.



At this point I think the Ultimate is the main difference, but I’m not certain there aren’t some other basic effects of hero class linked to certain colours of mana.

One thing to note, I just opened a Ruby Chest and got a Distract and a Deadly Accuracy from it (both common spells I already had) but this confirms spells can come from chests.

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Also, spells can drop from high value chests at rarity levels over Common.

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Hey Guys,
Just some additional information. When you level a spell to 10 you can then ascend it and you’ll need extra copies of the same spell to do so.
Make sure you save enough copies of your favorite spells :wink:

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Also a heads up that upgrading followers uses the same hard to obtain material as upgrading spells. It is advised NOT to upgrade spells and just hope you randomly get a higher rarity drop, as followers can’t just randomly drop a higher rarity like spells can.

All of that material should be allocated to followers in early game, as well as likely the majority of the game since pets and spells both randomly drop at higher rarities whereas followers can only be upgraded manually with the material.


So far upgrading followers only cost gold and food for me. Nothing like the needed resources to level spell but I’m only up to level 5 on my followers is that something for later?

Yes. Every 10th level the follower needs to be “evolved” to the next rarity.

Hey Tacet! I just joined your guild and then proceeded to lose all game data. I cant login, I send a support ticket so hopefully they get me back online quick. Hoping you dont boot me1 Thanks

In game LolaSkaters

That is rather strange, hope they can resolve it.

Did you register your account yet? Could recover it manually if so.

I’m glad I registered mine, that way when the Steam version launches the data’ll still be there but I can play the game in its intended high fidelity.

Nope Im an idiot, had just started a couple days before. I had just bought the 9.99 VIP so Im hoping they can figure it out. If you need to boot, no problem, I can hit you up when/if Im back in action. thx