[FULL LIST] Comprehensive Spell Guide


I have made the following web page, which displays and organizes all the game’s spells. It also includes information on what spells each hero class receives for free as level-up rewards (note these class spells can be used by any class). These are based on the game data and are fully accurate.

Note that the spell damage numbers aren’t quite right, as I haven’t figured out the exact formula the game uses.

PQ3 Spell Compendium

Gary is also developing a Discord bot which will allow you to access this information as well.


I’m trying to add the starter spells (plus the ones you get as early levelling rewards) but I forget which unlock is from which.

I also got Deadly Accuracy and Distract from a Ruby Chest so I can confirm it can come from there.

EDIT: Another Ruby Chest gave 1 Shadow Dash and 2 Deadly Accuracy

Please be noted, if a spell has coloured number, it means:
CYAN number means it will be increased by POWER and SPELL level.
number or text with colour that matches the rarity of spell will be increased by SPELL RARITY.

Pets will grant you spells when you’re challenged in PvP. Yes, thats why some people do not have any spell in combat - they just forgot to equip a pet beforehand.

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Just want to add that actually later after completing chapter VIII, the “Mage” follower that you get allows you to craft spells.
And I can confirm that the spells crafted are random - they can be spells from other classes (not your char class) too.
I also don’t know whether some spells can only be obtained via her crafting or chest, or whether all spells can be obtained through hero level progression.

Some powerful damage spells:
(the damage output of these spells are really good vs their mana cost)
Green: Insect Plague (50 mana) - Deal (xxx) as Poison, with a 25% chance to deal that much again.
Blue: Ray of Frost (50 mana) - Deal (xxx) as ice, and create 2 blue gems

I obtain these spells and most others from the Mage follower.

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I was going to update the OP to include all the spells I and other players have found, but sadly I do not have permission to edit posts for whatever reason.

Since creating this post, I have developed this website, which includes a full list of all the obtainable spells along with their effects at level 1.

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Very interesting - it seems some spells are just more mana efficient versions of other spells: Smite vs Divine Smite for example.

Yep, and note that Divine Smite does not appear as a level up reward, although the datamine I built this page from does indicate it is craftable.

A suggestion: Mark the number affected by RARITY, and the number affected by POWER and SPELL LEVEL, with different mark, fontstyle or color.

Aaah, like it works in game?

That makes sense, I’ll look into doing that later, when I add the ability to set the level and rarity of spells.

EDIT: Working on the change, an Epic Blackjack has an 80% Stun chance, and Mythic has 100% chance.

@Hagane The update is complete. You can now set the Level and rarity and view how the spell scales, with the scaling values highlighted appropriately. I also added the ability to toggle displaying unobtainable spells (like enemy spells and ultimates).


Now that I have been promoted to full Member on Discourse, I can now edit the original post to include a link to the Spell Compendium.

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When I go to the link provided, I see this spell as an option

Is this spell still available in the game? If so, where? If not, can we get an updated list of available spells from somewhere?


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I’ve been paying since 0.35 and have never seen that spell

It sounds like the list in this thread is outdated or maybe was never accurate, I don’t know. Does anybody know where I can find a full list of spells for each class?

I have a table in the community discord under #guides-and-resources. The only spell that is available but is not currently farmable from a dungeon (and listed in the table) is Cold Snap. You can use the bot to look up the abilities, cost, etc of each spell.

Also you can visit each Class #channel in the community discord and there is a pic listing each of the classes’ 10 spells (the very first post in each channel); just ignore the “level” as that is outdated. Also several of the Shaman spells have been renamed (my table is up to date on the names).