Spell acquisition shouldn’t depend on which hero opens chests

I strongly dislike the game mechanic where the acquisition of hero-specific spells depends on which hero opens each chest.

Why it’s bad

Players who don’t know about the rule can get stuck with one “best” hero, even if they play other classes and earn chests with them. This is because ruby and diamond chests are mostly opened using minions rather than immediately with keys.

Players who know about the rule, and want to play optimally, have to spend a lot of time on things other than playing the game: learning about spells they lack and which dungeons they’re found in, cross-checking their plans for each challenge dungeon, remembering that the chest that unlocks at 5:24 am should be opened by the Paladin.

And it’s just weird. Physical containers don’t do this. Switching to my Assassin just to open a chest doesn’t make me feel like I’ve earned an Assassin spell.


  • Chests could contain spells of the hero who earned the chest instead of who opens it (although this might just get players stuck in a different way)
  • Chests could contain random hero spells, or a choice of hero spells, or a bundle of spells for different heroes.
  • Class spells could be earned from leveling up and completing story chapters.
  • Duplicate class spells could be exchangeable for other spells from the same dungeon.
  • Xione could have an option for crafting missing class spells.

This would be exponentially worse. Having to successfully “farm” a dungeon with a “needy” hero could potentially lead to a catch-22.

That was how it worked early on. You got a common version of each class spell at various levels. That was removed at some point. I thought it was put back in, but I guess not?

This was how it originally worked, also. Back when heroes could use the spells of other heroes (that was a thing) the heroes could also loot the other hero class spells. When they removed the ability to use other hero class spells is when the looting part of the equation was also changed. I think the idea was to avoid the situation of new people getting a bunch of spells they couldn’t use.
But, as you mention, this can create a new problem for inexperienced players.

The current mechanic is 100% a pain in the rear. I like your suggestion of offering a choice, although I don’t see it happening. For some reason everything has to be random. haha The exchange idea would also be good, and could fit into the follower system.


I think that which class you earned a chest or which class opens a chest should never be a factor of what spells can drop.
I can see an argument for not dropping spells for a class that you haven’t used yet.

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