Complete Gear and Spell Guides - Downloadable Google Sheets

Greetings all,

In past forum posts I have provided various updates on Gear and Spell stats to help the community find information that is not easily accessible in game. I have now converted that detail to Google spreadsheets to share with players.

Thanks to Throne of Odin members for helping me vet gear, spells, abilities, etc included in these guides. Thanks to @Hagane for his contributions and feedback as well. Any errors are mine; please leave feedback on any issues you see and I will update this going forward

Gear and Stats Guide

This guide includes listings for all gear items, gear set bonuses, gear attributes, as well as a Stats glossary that covers all stats on the Hero tab.

Spell Guide and Calculator

This guide includes listings for all Spells including abilities and values at all rarities, including a spell value calculator that allows you to input power, mastery, spell level and healing bonus to determine spell outputs (make sure you choose the “Make a Copy” option to be able to filter and input values in the highlighted fields). Spell Set Bonuses and Status effects are also detailed here.

Due to the difficulty of editing forum posts over time, I invite any player to visit the Throne of Odin discord server where all guides that we have put together for general use are available for all to access (when you join, just let me know that you want to be added as a Guest):

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This is AWESOME!!! You deserve a prize!!!

Spot checked the presented math on the spell calculations. Exactly correct, even on the most complicated of calculations, using multiple boost types and multiple value outputs.

Sadly, this is definitive proof that spell level is an insignificant factor in a spell’s output. Similarly, the mana mastery provided by a spell is of marginal benefit as well, but that was already called out in a previous discussion on the topic.

Thanks for the enlightenment on this matter.

In exchange, I’ll address an mechanic that is misunderstood on the spreadsheet.

On the Gear Attribute spreadsheet, this line is written,

⦿ Current Attribute Levels are determined by Item Level so a Rare, an Epic, a Legendary, and a Mythic item will all have an Attribute Level of +1 at Item Level 1.

Not all Attributes are equal at the same Item Level.

Case in point, with some examples,



Both items are clearly at Poison Magic +1, yet the Mythic piece is offering 20 Poison Mastery, with the Rare piece offering only 8 Poison Mastery.

Why is this?

This is because the Mana Mastery system is not one-dimensional. It just seems that way because the game actually provides fast tracks for Attribute growth for Gear up to and including Legendary Rarity, if the player is of an appropriate Hero level. If the player is under-leveled, Legendary and Mythic Gear will generate an intermediate Mastery +4 result between levels 30-34, and Mythic Gear will generate an intermediate Mastery +6 result between levels 40-44.

As such, Mana Mastery is a two-variable function using both Gear Rarity, and the Player’s Hero Level as inputs.

Mathematically speaking,

  • Let X = the rarity level of a piece of gear, ascending by one for each rarity tier starting at Uncommon. RarityLevel at Uncommon = 1, Rare = 2, Epic = 3, and so on.
  • Let Y = the attribute level of a piece of gear.
    • If the Player’s level is below 15, then AttributeLevel = 1.
    • If the Player’s level is between 15 - 24, then AttributeLevel = 2.
    • If the Player’s level is at least 25, then AttributeLevel is calculated as TRUNC [(Player level - 10) / 5].

The value of any Mana Mastery at any Rarity level can be modeled as,

ManaMasteryValue= 4(RarityLevel)(AttributeLevel)

Further, the Attributes Strong and Life are modeled in the same way using a similar formula.

StrongLife Value = 5(RarityLevel)(AttributeLevel)

Even further, in terms of Mana Mastery and Strong/Life Attribute Values, while their Attributes grow linearly per Attribute Level, each Rarity’s maximum Attribute Value is an exponential function, whereas each Rarity’s Attribute breakpoint is ~2.25x the maximum Attribute Value of the previous Rarity (subject to dev slight manual fudging and rounding).

For example,

Max Mana Mastery for an Rare item is 16. Max Mana Mastery for an Epic item is 16 * 2.25 = 36. Legendary gets fudged slightly at 36 * 2.25 = 81, but is shown in game as 80, as the above formula states.

As such, max Mythic Mana Mastery can be modeled as 80 * 2.25 = 180. Mythic +7 is 140 Mastery, and +8 is +160 Mastery. This lines up well for the expected 10-level Mythic range to reach this max value at +9 at level 55, right on schedule.

Food for thought, if these above models are projected further onto one more additional rarity tier beyond Mythic, a very interesting observation happens.

  • Because of linear scaling of Attribute growth, max next-rarity Mana Mastery (2.25x Mythic) does not occur in 10 levels beyond Mythic. It requires 40 levels to be reached, at level 95.

Why? If one goes back and counts the Attribute levels, Rare maxes at +2. Epic maxes at +3 (+1 over Rare). Legendary maxes at +5 (+2 over Epic). Mythic will max at +9 (+4 over Legendary). Next-rarity will max at +17 (+8 over Mythic).

Notice the doubling of Attribute levels every tier over Epic? Exponential attribute/stat growth curve.

As mentioned above, there are some slight manual alterations to the models in-game made by the devs at low levels/rarities, but they hold true at higher rarities.

Hope this information helps the community.


Thanks. That statement in the spreadsheet was poor wording. As you say, we have been aware that items when “downleveled” (Item level is lowered to match Hero Level) have differing Attribute values even when the Attribute Level (e.g. +1) is the same. I appreciate the supporting calculations to prove this out. Since this issue really only comes up when items are on sub-50 Heroes (or more specifically, when an Rare+ item is on a Hero with a Hero Level lower than the Rarity level range), I will clarify the wording to indicate that the Attribute values shown for each Attribute Level are based on max Rarity and Rarity Level Range.

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Greedy Rage and Soul Siphon have been updated in the Spell Guide. Several small fixes have been made to the Gear Guide.

Updated with Seasons 1.2 Gear and Spells


Wouldn’t this be an excellent post to pin? As a starting player, having this would have been beyond awesome :slight_smile:
And a clear effort of community to help the community / solve some transparency issues in game!


Small clerical updates made to several guides.

Added Relics list in Spell Guide to identify needed Relics for Evolution.


Guides have been updated for Season 1.3 Gear and Spells


I have added a Minions guide here:

Build Template and various build recommendations can be found on the Throne of Odin Discord server (link in the orginal post).

Gear and Minion guides have been updated for Season 1.4. Spell guide will be updated shortly.


Throne of Odin has put together and updated Tips and Tricks for New Players (and old players too!)

Check it out here: Player Advice for Beginning Your Adventure in PQ3

We are regularly updating this resource so please let us know of a great tip or trick you wish you knew starting out!


Spell, Gear, and Minion Guides have been update for Season 1.5 items. Sandheart minion appears to be undercalculating its heal value and has been reported in Update 1.5 thread.


Hey uh not to revive an old topic but I found some wrong info in the gear sheet for Serpentine 6pc bonus. The sheet says “Increase Power by 5/10/15/20/25/30% Starting Armor”. I’m pretty new to PQ3 so you can imagine my excitement and then wondering why this wasn’t the meta.

Maybe the devs should add that in actually. Got my vote.

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Thank you! The joys of Copy/Paste errors. Corrected to read “Increase Power by X% if your Enemy is Poisoned”


Hello, I am a Taiwanese player. I wonder if it is convenient for you to provide the Chinese version of the content. Thank you.

This spreadsheet was made by someone who just plays the game for the benefit of everybody. They already struggle to find the free time to keep it updated with the new seasons. I can’t imagine they could do it in any other language but English. It is unfortunate there is no decent wiki for the game.


There’s a Simplified Chinese version taken care by guild GoW. You may find it in this forum too.

Situation is… Well, almost same as English version.

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