Throne of Odin is recruiting! Time for some Tacos!

Throne of Odin Kingdom Community is recruiting!!

We are currently looking for players who want to join the best Kingdom community in Puzzle Quest 3!

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Throne of Odin - Ranked #2 All-time Crests
:white_small_square: 375 Kingdom Crests / Week
:white_small_square: Level 50 + minimum 25 Citadel Levels
:white_small_square: Bazaar Tier XX (Daily Bazaar participation required)
:white_small_square: Discord
:white_small_square: Participation in Kingdom Defense Tiers XI-XIII

Odin’s Wolves - Ranked #6 All-time Crests
:white_small_square: 250 Kingdom Crests / Week
:white_small_square: Level 50
:white_small_square: Bazaar Tier XX (Daily Bazaar Participation required)
:white_small_square: Discord
:white_small_square: Participation in Kingdom Defense Tiers VIII-X

Odin’s Epic - Top 10 All-time Crests
:white_small_square: 125 Kingdom Crests / Week
:white_small_square: Participation in Kingdom Defense Tiers V-VII (when possible)
:white_small_square: Focused on new and developing players with a more casual attitude

Why join Throne of Odin ?

  • Here since the beginning (combined 3 million Crests to date!), we focus on maximizing benefits for everyone at all levels of play. Currently we have three Kingdoms with different requirements that allow members flexibility based on playstyle.
  • Active and helpful Discord that includes all Kingdoms; plenty of guides, tips and tricks, and suggestions available for all aspects of the game, stuff like this!:
    Complete Gear and Spell Guides - Downloadable Google Sheets
  • We have Tacos!! :taco: :taco: :taco:

Contact me via forum mail system or visit us on Discord (Throne of Odin Puzzle Quest 3 ) and leave us a message in our lobby!

Also, don’t forget, whatever kingdom you join, make sure to also join the Unofficial PQ3 Discord Server to connect with other PQ3 players across the game:

*What’s a Crest you say? Kingdom Crests are earned simply by playing the game. Every match played earns between 2-8 Kingdom Crests. Kingdom members are awarded Wooden, Iron, Gold, and Ruby keys weekly (top weekly reward is 1x Diamond key) and contribute Kingdom Resources (called Ingots) by earning Kingdom Crests.


We currently have a spot in Odin’s Wolves and Odin’s Epic. :taco::taco::taco::taco:

EDIT 8/15/2022: Got one spot again!


We currently have 2 spots in Odin’s Epic :taco::taco::taco::taco:


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