This is not the greatest gear in the world, this is just a-tribute (issue)

Heavy sigh


Why, oh why, do I keep banging my head against this wall?!?

It is not a good feeling to have found the gear item you want, in the colour you want, with a decent first random attribute - only to upgrade with all the required resources, to legendary (or mythic) and then get an outcome like this

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looks at Mythos’s Legendary gear “upgrades”

Umm… yeah…

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So farm a red royal ring that is worth upgrading, and yep, do the upgrade to legendary burn resources dance
My poor, poor, barbarian

Given that the FireWARD, LightWARD, etc is Resistance to a particular element does it really matter if it does not match the colour of the gear? Or is the complaint just that it’s not the best attribute?

I can see how …PACT attributes are useless if they aren’t the same colour as the gear (unless you are the <1% of players running a 2 colour setup for gear and spells and it matches the other spell colour)

Lastly the …STRIKE attribute is also useless unless it matches the gear colour (Unless one of your spells does damage in a different colour to the spell AND the …STRIKE matches that element, But that is 5 out of 51 spells if I counted correctly)

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ideally (at least in my opinion) the -Ward element should be the color of which has an affinity towards the gear type. So for instance, a green piece should have FireWard, a yellow piece should have Darkward, etc

However I agree this is less straightforward as they may introduce events/enemies later in which it doesnt matter what color the gear is, the player may just want to maximize the existance of Wards because of the enemy strength.

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It could be better planned in a number of ways
You get a choice between default and random (which excludes the default)
You can see all the future attributes on an item, so you know what potential an item has - also making every item worth checking out, in case it could become something great
You have to farm attributes you want to mash them together onto your item
You have to do a “quest” in order to reroll
You use the Hades version of “random” so you get better options over time, but you dont just get to select what you want
You have a designed, random, reroll OR premium reroll (choose from say 5 random options)

Unfortunately this appears to be a case of not being aware of how players will experience this game “feature”
I think the reality is that a decent attribute on an item you have upgraded is table-stakes, and while some small random upside is good, the overall below-par experience is just not as fun as it could be

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I have had enough of this…seriously. I finally get enough fire runes to upgraade my last piece of gear to epic on my mercenary and get this:

This has happened far too many times for me to find fun in the irony anymore.

Also, has anyone ever seen Warlord jewlery, chest, legs and feet? I have never once seen a single piece of the above, and have 7 chest slots which I have been filling dialy for at least two months now.
I have accumulated in my inventory 4 Warlord armguards, 2 battleaxes, 4 mantles, 4 masks, 2 shilelds, and 4 wraps…not to mention the countless dupes I have deconstructed…but not a single ring, necklace, chestt, legs or feet of the set. Do they exist in the game even?

I’m disgruntled and losing interest, and so is my wallet.

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There are no such pieces. Each gear set is comprised of 6 pieces: 1 weapon and 5 other pieces from various slots. You can see which gear is available when you click on the gear set bonuses in game (there’s a visual depiction of the available gear).

You can also refer to my gear guide found here for a list of all available pieces in each set, what they do and what bonuses they confer:

Thank you very much for the information. The really should not even include the icons for those pieces at all if they do not exist.
I may have been stupid, but only up to a certain point.

You are welcome. They do have a menu redesign coming up in the new update so maybe that will be a part of it, but I’m not sure.

I am hoping that in the future, once they resolve the Steam exclusive gear issue, that they start to add in some extra gear set pieces for all sets
Or perhaps some universal gear pieces
Or maybe a “Warlord” training you can complete to have one piece of Warlord gear to begin with

This would allow a bit of extra flexibility in the full set builds (e.g. you could then use a different weapon with a full set build)

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I’d be really happy if they did this. Not as more exclusive items though. Gear is a major part of this game, so to have some pieces be locked away behind pay walls is frustrating to me.

Hey everyone,

The last couple of updates have been pretty packed for the team, but we’re getting the functionality in place in 1.4 that will allow us to make these kinds of additions to followers in future updates!

But being able to modify the perks on a piece of gear is one of the high-priority pieces of feedback we have been sharing with the team.


Got a question for everyone…


Can anyone explain the 4D chess move required to take advantage of Earth elemental gloves with Dark mana boost and Light elemental damage boost?

This one is stumping me… :thinking:


Ouch :pensive:
By far my least favorite part of the game. It takes so much time and work to get an item to that lvl and then its all down to RNG. I wish all the available attributes were atleast useful.

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Perhaps they are at least thought to be useful at the exact moment where a purple warlock realises that brimstone is bugged and instead boosts green and yellow?

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I shouldn’t have come here! Now I’m all envious of people and their flashy (yet unideal) mythics… How long on average does it take F2P players to get their first mythic I wonder? I’ve been playing since a week or so after the game was on Steam and am still yet to get more than 2 of the same t4 relic!

I’ve been playing since March (steam release), got my first mythic weapon by the end of July. Now I own two mythics.

Many of the people here were EA players, so it’s a LONG journey if you want F2P mythic gear pieces