Pros and cons of running multiple heroes


  • Cheap - can have one of each class for only 200 gems
  • Can easily grind all heroes through Chapter 1 for a lot of basic gear and loot
  • Your alternate characters will have very good gear so are well equipped to grind the Dungeon for a while
  • Easy bounties of 3 wins with any weapon type because you have heroes with each weapon type


  • Spell Vault fills up very fast because 20 slots are taken by the 4 initial spells of 5 heroes.

Hopefully this helps people make a decision about how many heroes they want to run. I have all five, but I think running two or three might be better until your Spell Vault is bigger. I welcome everyone’s thoughts and additions to the above lists.

An additional very significant Pro:

  • Each class has it own Goals (viewable from Tavern → Goals → Hero Classes). Completing these goals increases account-wide Gem Mastery bonuses.
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Note that if there is a spell you don’t like, you can just salvage it and use the materials on your main spells. In the long term, ditching a Common rarity spell isn’t that bad especially since you will get others with a higher base rarity later on.

Not sure if this is a con or just how her drop table works, but the mage unlocked after chapter 12 seems to create spells for the other classes. It may do this based on having the other classes created, but it may also just be part of her natural drop table. Already had them created prior, so not 100% sure.

From what I can tell, this is as expected. The spells you get from the Mage (as well as high-rarity chests) can be duplicates of the class milestone rewards, but these duplicates are needed if you want to increase the rarity of the spells you get (which I believe start at common). Aside from the ultimate, spells aren’t really “class spells”. You can play Paladin and use a mix of Assassin spells, Shaman spells, and spells that are only available from drops and crafting.

Excellent point on salvaging Common spells I don’t like. I’m thinking about writing a post with a list of sub-optimal spells, but it’s going to depend a bit on playstyle.

Agreed, except there are some spells that interact with a specific class’s special gems from the ultimate (Rage, Shield, etc.) that would be very weak used with a different class. I’d probably call those “class-linked” spells unless someone comes up with better jargon.