[Fixed in 1.4] Spell gear vault unable to show more than 40 spells

My Spell gear vault maxes out at 40 spells shown, in a 5 X 8 grid, out of the 60 spells in my vault. Toggling show equipped pushes out spells. When equipped spells are shown vampiric touch is the last Spell that can be seen, whereas if toggled off witchbolt is the last Spell able to be seen.

(Can’t put screen shots in for some reason, new account?)

On my PC when show equipped is turned OFF, I see 8 rows(40 spells) but if I turn show equipped ON, I see 9 rows(45 spells).

My spell vault is currently 83/160

I can get it to show 45 on my necromancer, but not my berzerker. Someone suggested it had something to do with not showing other heroes spells, but its not showing all the neutral ones.
I can see wall of fire (neutral spell) if I sort by date acquired, but not in alphabetical.

If I choose the option to show other class spells I get 15 rows(75 spells) but if I then choose, show equipped I get 16 rows(80 spells). So that almost takes care of it.
I don’t seem to be able to get to 83.

Hey same here actually. With equipped spells on, and show other classes on I can see 55 spells (11x5) out of 57 (salvaged a few from before)

Just to add, gear slots seem to have a limit of 40 items
If you search A-Z, you can reverse that with the Z-A option to see the additional items
Right now Rings or maybe Weapons are the easiest to see this is happening

Hey all,

This looks to be resolved in 1.4, just confirming currently!