Non-intuitive behavior in Gear / Spell Vault

a) Gear Vault
I noticed the following behavior in navigation on the Gear Vault screen and am pretty sure it is not intended to work like this:

  1. do not set any filter, just go into the gear vault
  2. select a random item, in my example pants I’ll select pants
  3. the comparison is shown between the equipped item and the newly selected one

Now to the interesting part, if you press
a) ‘x’ on the right-top position and close the selected item
→ this will keep the equipped item selected and set a filter to the item type (in my case: pants)
b) at a blank spot anywhere outside the selected items
→ this will close both items and return to the same position you were before

In this case, the expected behavior of pressing the ‘x’ (close) button would be b) and not a). While I like the function itself, it is really not intuitive being mapped on this icon.

b) Feedback on the new spell vault navigation

  • It is impossible to “unequip” a spells, you can only assign new spells
  • Pressing on a previously equipped spell will show the Spell Info, while pressing on a Spell in the Spell Vault will open the Info/Equip Sub-Menu
  • Switching equipped spells to different positions thus is really not intuitive:
  1. you have to overwrite the first spell with a random spell
  2. now you have to remember the first spell and find it in the vault, overwrite the second spell with it
  3. now you have to remember the second spell and find it in the vault and overwrite the random spell with it

Proposed change:
a) drag and drop equipped spells to change positions (allowing a 2-way-swap instead of 3-way-swap)
b) allow short press (smartphone) / mouse-/controller-button$1 (console, PC) to consistently show the Spell Info
c) allow long press (smartphone) / mouse-/controller-button$2 (console, PC) to consistently assign/drag/etc. the spell


Part A - yeah I had noticed this too, took a while, I kept wondering how I was getting the full vault sometimes and then the filtered vault others.

Has been passed on as something to look into!

Part B is feedback I have also already shared from my own experience, the unequipping and the lack of Spell comparison anymore in 2.5


I think I mentioned this before, but there is one more thing, which is really not intuitive in the Gear Vault:

  • Select a slot from the equipment, in this example a Ring
  • The items in the Gear Vault change to Rings only, so you can find the stuff to wear
  • Select any Ring will bring up the comparison
  • Pressing Salvage shows the “Salvage 1 item” screen and removes the “Ring” filter, which was enabled by the equipment-slot.

The expected behavior would be to keep the filter as it is, so you can salvage multiple rings. It can be achieve by:

  • selecting the Filter manually instead of selecting the equipment slot
  • afterwards, either select “salvage” next to the loadout or follow the steps above, as the “selected item” filter resets to the manually-defined filter.

I changed the title to “Non-intuitive behavior” so we can add parts not directly linked to clicks as well.

  • Most of my spells have the “favorite” icon, which does not make any sense in 2.5. Pre-2.5, I used the favorite to mark unique spells and keep them from getting mass-salvaged.
  • I think I read this somewhere else already, but did not find it quickly - sorry if this is a double post: when activating a filter, the ‘Upgradeable Only’ just scans for “non-max-evolution” instead of owning the required resources (pages, glyphs, etc.);

By the way: for spells, a useful filter would be “class-spells” :slight_smile:


Great feedback you are giving through the different threads! Thank you for taking your time to describe all these minor issues that we have encountered but have been too lazy to report :sweat_smile:

I find this helpful still as sometimes I will swap around my spells to test player reports and then forget which are the ones I normally use

As for the “upgradeable only” I have passed this on, originally was just feedback but it seems like kind of a bug as it needs to be changed to work in line with 2.5 and spells!

We are not able to favorite or unfavorite in the new interface.


… I’m still booting up it seems

Update: it has been reported