Gear Vault usability

  1. Have ability to filter based on type, (eg Guard, Royal).
    This would make it better for people looking to combo.
  2. When looking at an item in the gear vault:
    a. have the ability to quick equip it!
    b. have the ability to compare to what you’re currently wearing in that position.
    Right now the interface seems designed to only upgrade or salvage it.

Quick equip: just tap the up arrow at the right of the gear you want to equip.
For last comment:
Don’t tap the green diamond. That takes you to the auto upgrade. Tap to the side of it and it on the same item and it then goes to the normal gear equip screen.

I’m talking about the gear vault screen, not the individual change gear screens for each type. I’m complaining that from vault to equip, it is a multi step operation that is very prone to error:

  1. Hit < at top left
  2. Select gear type
  3. Scroll to find the gear and tap the up arrow.

Possible errors / inefficiencies a user will make at each step:

  1. Hit x at top instead of <, causing user to have to go back into Gear.
  2. Hitting green diamond upgrade arrow instead of gear (very easily done), forcing user to cancel, or more likely go back to the gear screen.
  3. Clicking gear instead of quick equip arrow.

In the individual gear slots, there is no side by side compare, but I guess that could be another feature request.