Gear Vault Salvaging

Not the first time this situation has happened to me but this time I went through the effort of grabbing screenshots to work out what is going on. Previously I have cancelled the salvage and started again.

In the first screenshot I clicked on the middle top icon (purple corrupted guard pauldrons) to start the salvaging stuff I don’t need. The salvage box appeared on the left but there was no great big red X on the top middle icon. I was reasonably quick to select the gear item after the list appeared but not super quick.

In the second image I then went searching for an item with a great big Red Cross on it and I found it almost half way through the entire list of gear. You can just make out the scroll bar on the right hand side. One other thing to notice is I happen to have the inventory set on vitality at the moment which is leftover from a previous search half an hour ago. But I have since done battles and come back to the inventory again.

Thanks for the screenshots @shmaunpq

I haven’t been able to replicate the first part - salvaging via gear gets unselected after menu appears. Have you noticed if this has happened multiple times, or is this the first time you have seen the item you initially selected become unselected?

As for the filter, it does appear persistent after you leave the Gear screen, so I’ll follow up if the team thinks that’s intended or not this is intended, your filter remains after you leave the Gear screen.

I regularly have this problem. It’s very irritating.


The problem is that, when the filter resets, the gear list gets refreshed and scrolls back to the top of the list, which can push the selected item off the screen … leaving you with a salvage “confirm” button that doesn’t display the item being salvaged.

But, depending on how you navigate to that point, this doesn’t always happen.


Here is an example of when it doesn’t happen:

I go to select the item I wish to destroy. I don’t have anything else selected.

Now I bring up that item’s info. This also displays the item I currently have equipped in that slot.

Now I go to salvage the item. Because the “selection parameters” haven’t changed for the gear list (it was at display everything and has remained so), the display of gear to the right hasn’t been refreshed. So I see the X over the selected item.


Now, an example of when the problem does occur.

This time, I’ve started with my gauntlets selected. This automatically puts a filter on the displayed gear, so that only other items for that slot are displayed in the gear list.

Now I, again, select the item I wish to salvage, and its info pane opens up. You can see, behind it, that the gear list hasn’t yet refreshed.

Note, above the ‘salvage’ and ‘equip’ buttons, the “item info pane” on the right-hand side, which I’ll reference below, in the next section.

But, this time, when I hit the ‘salvage’ button, the gear list does refresh … it goes back to its “show all” configuration, and scrolls to the top of the gear list. Now all my armor is shown, and the dwarven gauntlets have been pushed down below the screen’s edge

And so, if I want to make sure I’m destroying the correct item, I have to scroll down through all the gear until that item is again shown in the list:


Simplest, I imagine, would be to delete the command that resets the “filter” on the gear list. I.e.,in the second case, the “only show hand-slot items” filter should remain active throughout the entire salvaging process, so that the gear list pane is never refreshed, but stays in the configuration it had at the start of the process.

A nice improvement would be to expand the “SALVAGE” pane by doubling its width and putting the item info pane (noted above) on that new space to the right.

This would ensure the item, and its pertinent info, is displayed when the player confirms the deletion.

Here’s a rough approximation (obviously it’d have to be cleaned up a bit and incorporated into the expanded salvage pane … I’ve just c/p-ed to give the basic idea):

Obviously, this would only work for salvaging a single item, but perhaps a similar expansion could be done when confirming the salvaging of multiple items … just cast a version of the gear-list pane into the new right-hand-side area, filtering to show just the selected items.

Oh, I understand now - this is something I raised as a QOL in Feb - But this is not a bug, per say.

I’ll check to see if there is any progress on that QOL, or follow up again why it was implemented that way.

It would seem I didn’t describe the bug clearly enough in my first post so this time in more detail. It is not the same issue that Switch wrote about above.

  1. I opened a number of chests and ended up with a full inventory.

  2. I most likely clicked on the gear button at the top of the screen to go to the gear inventory to salvage items and the list of items appeared exactly as it does in the screenshot below.

  3. I immediately clicked on the corrupted guard pauldrons in the centre of the top row of the screen. This is the way I salvage gear when my gear vault is full. I select anything rare or lower going left to right and line by line going down as my inventory is ordered by date. I am 100% sure I clicked on the corrupted guard pauldrons in the centre of the top row as I specifically remember it.

4. I then clicked the little info button that pops up when selecting an item

  1. I then clicked on salvage in the box that would have appeared covering the list of inventory items. I am 95% sure it was for the corrupted guard pauldrons but can’t be 100% sure as after clicking the info button I would have next looked for the salvage button and pressed it without looking closely at the screen. I believe I would have noticed the background colour on the piece not being blue if it had been the legendary night cloak on that pop up screen, but I can’t be sure now.

  2. No X appeared on the corrupted guard pauldrons when the salvage box shown in the screenshots appeared on the left and the box on the right disappeared.

  3. I was just about to exit the gear screen and come back to start the salvage process again when I noticed the salvage box on the left and I could see some red from the mythic rune. I then scrolled across to see the mythic night relic there too. This got me curious so I went scrolling past 100’s of items and found the second screenshot I took.

Further info:

  1. This is not the first time it has happened to me. I feel like it happened once a couple of weeks ago and once a couple of weeks before that. I can’t be completely sure what was happening because both of those times I closed the inventory screen and opened it again to start afresh. It was a similar situation though where I opened my inventory and started clicking on the most recent items to salvage them but no X appeared on the item I clicked on.

  2. There was no scrolling or selecting items as Switch described above. This is definitely not what I’m reporting. I am aware of this inconvenient situation when salvaging items and overcome it by filtering the gear vault by weapon, ring, etc first before salvaging items from a specific gear slot.

  3. I did happen to have the inventory search still set to vitality which I had forgotten about from a previous inventory search. (this is the way the game works, I only mentioned it in case the filter has something to do with this bug occurring)

  4. I don’t expect this bug to be easily replicated. I’ve opened my inventory and salvaged the most recent gear that is worthless to me sooooo many times and this situation has possibly happened 3 times in a month or two.

  5. I don’t know if the size of my inventory has anything to do with this bug? or if the size added to the vitality filter (which would show close to half my gear) contributed.

  6. This thread is really just putting it on record in case others notice it, or it happens to me again and I can give more details, or maybe a dev has an idea how this could happen.


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ps. I have made it so you can upload videos to the forum now for Trust lvl 2+ members, if that is easier for anyone to grab a video - I cannot am looking into increasing the file size restrictions

8MB limit on video is going to be very restrictive. This needed ot be exported at 480p and is only 14 seconds long.

It also has nothing to do with this topic and was just a test.