[Reported] Inventory / Salvaging Bug

I first noticed this bug happen somewhere between six months and a year ago but it happens rarely so capturing it on video was difficult. I captured this two weeks ago.

You will watch me salvage a purple saviours staff but it still appears in my inventory after salvaging. I am able to select the same purple saviour’s staff again and had I clicked on salvage, it would have salvaged something else (95% sure). I was excited to finally catch it on video and didn’t want to risk losing something I wanted to keep so I didn’t press the salvage button.

I actually now regret not pressing the salvage button and actually salvaging it because it would have proved that another item is actually salvaged and I’m not going insane. There have been a couple of times where I have mass salvaged and then wondered where an item went having been sure I didn’t select it. If I had clicked on salvage a believe it would have allowed me to select multiple other items to salvage.

@shmaunpq when is this video from, as I am looking from your logs trying to match the totals in your inventory to this salvage to see what happened in your data.

Cos I have found a log on the 31st Oct that completely matches your change in Gold (+50) and Shards (+36) and a level 1 Saviour Staff is salvaged.

As for the item itself, does it disappear when you exit the inventory screen and return after it is salvaged and continues to appear? Or exit the game and return?

Yes that date is correct.

I should have included that the item does disappear after after the next reload/refresh of the inventory screen. Clicking on another gear item and then closing the popup info cleared it in this case.

Due to that I feel that it is some sort of visual bug where the item is removed from your actual inventory but is still visible on the screen until the next refresh of the items, but I am not sure this is always the case. This is where I regret not clicking on salvage again to see what would have actually been salvaged.

One other thing I should have mentioned is that when I have encountered this bug I’m pretty sure it has been times where I have been going through my inventory checking attributes or for duplicates and have been doing a clean out. So I would have been doing 10, 20, 30 + clicks within my inventory. This is what I was doing when I recorded this video. I have also now recalled that I thought I saw this issue happen while salvaging items so I started recording in case it happened again. Which it did and that is the video I uploaded.

I will keep an eye out next time I do this type of salvaging as well.

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I’ve reported this to the team, definitely some sort of visual issue where it’s not updating after the salvage > then as it “remains” visually, if you salvage it again it is some other item that has taken it’s place.

In the meantime, I don’t have a lot I can suggest unfortunately other than make sure your connection is stable and close anything in the background possible. The normal stuff.

Thanks for grabbing this video though, don’t worry if you can’t grab another - should be more enough information here already :sparkles: