Accidentally salvaged wrong item. AAARRRGGGHHH

Given there was recently a conversation about accidentally upgrading items I thought I’d put this here too.

I received a pair of serpentine pants that was Green, Epic with good attributes that was showing as the first available item. I will swear I clicked on the currently equipped rare serpentine pants to salvage them but the epic ones got salvaged when I did the salvage. I don’t know if it didn’t register me tapping the epic equipped pants or I missed them with my tap but It was something I specifically was after and I salvaged it!!!

I know there is the favourite option, and i use it but this item I just got so i hadn’t set it as favourite yet. In the example picture below despite clearly showing which one is selected on the left of the screen it isn’t exactly obvious on the right as it shows 2 items selected.

This always confuses me when salvaging items and I normally double check because of this but this time I didn’t because I thought I just tapped on the equipped item.

Solutions / Ideas

  1. Have only 1 checkmark showing what is selected. It’s what I’m clicking on and I can visually see the mark change to the one I select.

  2. A bit of extra text on the salvage check screen. Admittedly though, after salvaging 100’s of items I just press it without double checking so it might not help.

  1. Hide an undo last salvage button somewhere in settings or somewhere else. Hopefully someone doesn’t salvage a second item before being told this function exists and if they do then next time they will know about it.
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I’ve done this one before. Luckily, in my case it wasn’t something critical, just a better version of something I was thinking I might use some day. heh. Ever since, I double, triple check before salvaging. You are correct, it’s weird how it checks two things.

Well, time to quit the game, you’re not gonna get anything like that again and without everything working exactly right you’ll never kill anything in this meta.

It wouldn’t be so bad if A: the loot drops weren’t like I were playing Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance pre-lootfix-patch (seriously, no sane person deserves 10,000 commons) and B: said loot wasn’t level 1 when we got it from opening a level 50 chest.