Mythics and the Salvage all

I had an accident today deleting a mythic night ring. Was showing off my cool new Night band that I just got and then went back into the game to delete Night amulet and to my horror hit the salvage all button by mistake.

Would it be possible in the future to get a warning when you (accidentally press the) salvage all that you’re deleting a mythic?

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So suggesting that this confirmation that already exists on the, on the Reward Screen > Salvage all/Quick Salvage

Includes something like this, when gear is in the reward list?

Just want to check as there is a lot of mixed feedback about confirmation screens - some people request more of them in specific instances, and then others request less of them.

In this case, I think highlighting what has been included in the existing salvage screen would be more beneficial for all, instead of introducing a second confirmation prompt if there are Mythic items amongst the rewards.


In my situation it was when I first got it in the chest. You have the favorite system for that. But I personally don’t mind a extra confirmation if the item is important. Maybe its something that could be added in the options menu or something

Yeah, that could work.

Confirmation screens are tricky since they slow down an important feature as salvage. MeHowever, with the upcoming crafter update I believe no one will really want to salvage a mythic piece, so an extra confirmation only in the case one of the selected items is a mythic seems safe enough.

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I’m for an extra “do you really want to salvage a mythic gear piece” extra popup when using the Salvage all button after opening a chest. As Higure said above with 3.1.5 there is no reason to salvage a mythic gear item.

Given there’s no reason to salvage a mythic gear item you would only ever see this extra pop up if you mess up.


If only all software had an Undo button. (Even better if we had one for real life)