Open Chest Screen - "Salvage All" button

Currently, 90% of the time, I’ll want to salvage 100% of drops I get in a chest. Selecting each one, scrolling to it, pressing a button, confirming, watching the animation, and repeating 4x times is rather time consuming and very poor user experience overall.

Suggestion: Add a “Salvage All” button, in addition to the existing options. Same confirmation window as single salvage. Should be easy to implement and would greatly streamline player experience :slight_smile:


I think there should be a “salvage this rarity and below” option you can set (and change)

Also, you should be able to click on items to see what they do directly from the chest

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Good idea.
I have often needed to check “Do I have this spell in this level/rarity?” before.
If not the full check, at least a “NEW” banner on the item or spell would be nice. The item is “new” for me if I don’t have that item in that color.