QOL thoughts for chest opening

This has bugged me a long time:

Does anyone actually pay any attention anymore to the first few things in the chest as you mash skip skip skip to finally mash salvage at the end of the chest?

The whole chest opening and scrolling screen quence can be condensed into one static screen showing everything in the chest, with checkboxes for items to salvage all at once.

Not only does having everything in one screen more informative for the player, it saves our time while also simultaneously saving everyone’s phone’s battery through less rendering of moving elements.

I think this is something that can be easily implemented to improve the experience for all players, old or new.


I fully agree. The information is not useful at the moment and we still miss a “salvage all” or “salvage selected” option. From my perspective, a better approach would be the following Loot-Screen:

           Material                               Drops
| icon | Armor shard(s)     |  123 |     <icon Drop 1>[ ] | <icon Drop 2>[x]
| icon | Spell shard(s)     |   71 |     <icon Drop 1>    | <icon Drop 2>
| icon | Epic relic(s)      |    2 |     <name Drop 1>    | <name Drop 2>
| icon | Legendary relic(s) |    1 |     <icon Drop 3>[x] | <icon Drop 4>[ ]
| icon | Mutiny crystal(s)  |    1 |     <icon Drop 3>    | <icon Drop 4>
| icon |          ...       |      |     <name Drop 3>    | <name Drop 4>

   [Accept/Close]                                         [Salvage]

The left side shows materials / crystals / relics / etc. The right side contains the icons of drops with names and a “checkbox” (long-press to select/deselect). Both parts could feature a scrollbar if necessary. Also please notice the buttons:

  • Accept/Close just closes the window
  • Salvage is by default salvage all - unless one or more drops are checked manually

Why salvage all by default? Because we almost never need the drops based on the current generator and this would be one of the best QoL improvements…