When opening chests

When opening chests, could the tooltip information please be the item details for all gear types
It’s much more useful if you can see what the gear does than have some lore information
See Necklace info on the left, not as useful information as Spell info on the right

It would also be great if it was possible to click into the great item so you could check attributes, upgrade items (and then salvage them) the item directly from the chest menu


I’d love this. I’d also like to compare it to any duplicates you have of it, to help decide if it’s worth keeping.
I’d also like the option to replace a duplicate in any loadouts if the new item is better but that’s wishful thinking.

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Grabbed this one yesterday and passed it onto the team!

Totally agree being able to salvage instantly without going all the way back to your Gear menu to check some stats would be helpful!