Salvaging multiple items QOL request

I have found myself recently creating lots of weapons using Soulchaser. The problem comes when I try to salvage all the excess weapons I have created.

What I would like to do is to be able to click on the equipped weapon icon to just show weapons in my inventory and then sort by A-Z . From there i would like to be able to select multiple items to salvage, occasionally comparing some of them to decide which one I’m keeping.

As it stands at the moment when I select anything to salvage the inventory list returns to showing everything and not just the weapons. It also jumps all the way back to the top of the list making it impossible to salvage multiple items.

The current work around is to search/filter by name/keyword or scroll through the whole inventory finding the weapons. These options work but for managing your inventory it would be faster if you could multiple salvage within an inventory slot. i.e. shield, gloves, weapon, ring…

You can do almost exactly what you asked for, just with a different step:

  1. Tap the “sort” button, which opens the “Sort by” and “Filter” Window
  2. Press on the item slot in the “Filter” part, which is then highlighted (in a transparent white) . You can see the icons in the Gear Vault behind the window change.
  3. Press on “A-Z” to sort by name
  4. Close the sort/filter window

Now you have a sorted list of items belonging to only one slot. Select one item from the Gear vault and press Salvage. This will allow you to select multiple items to salvage, keeping the filter / sort options in place.

Hope this helps!

PS: I totally agree that the way PQ3 handles filtering when you select an already equipped item needs to be changed, as it is really not intuitive at all.

Thank you so much. I have filtered by gear type just by pressing on the gear that I have equipped, not by selecting the gear type in the filter box. That makes all the difference and solves the problem I was specifically speaking about above.

It also solves the problem of the gear type filtering resetting if you press anywhere on the screen and not specifically on the X to close the window from the item in the inventory. When you have filtered the items by pressing on a Gear slot in your equipped items.