Gear and Spell Inventory menus are terrible

Since the spell rework, and more recently the gear rework, the behavior in the inventory panel has degraded significantly for users.

Previously, you could click on a piece of gear or a spell and immediately see details. You could then choose to equip, salvage, or take other actions as appropriate.

Since the most recent updates, the behavior has changed to now pop a mini-menu with “details” and “equip” options.

This optimizes the user path for equipping, but the majority of the time, as a player, there is no intent to equip a new item, but rather to either salvage or inspect the details. The UX is optimized for the wrong behavior.

After playing this game for a few days, 99% of drops are not upgrades over currently equipped gear. It is nonsensical to optimize the inventory for the equip action.

Suggestion: Remove the mini-menu, and go back to the previous behavior of going directly to details on click where equip and salvage options are already available.


Agree on menus feeling … weird.

I feel like the menus are a bit clunky on console (PS5 for me). Its a lot of clicking into menus. Probably just fine on a mobile device, just clunky on a big tv.

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Due to this i can’t even be bothered favouring items as, its a few extra clicks but its enouth to make me not do it

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My gripe with the Spell menu is that there is no “UNEQUIP” option for your spell loadouts.

The option’s there for your gear and also your minions, so why not spells?


Keeping with the original post, this is the one thing I still can’t get used to after several weeks of 3.0. In fact it’s actually annoying me more and more as the weeks go by.

I don’t think I have equipped a single piece of gear straight from the inventory panel (except by accident). Every time I go to the inventory panel I have to click the gear icon, then info, then get to do what I want. Weather it be salvaging, checking attributes, checking what gear does… etc Even if I was to equip something I would nearly always want to compare it to what is in that slot.

Please bring back the old system where clicking on a gear item brings up it’s screen.

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I agree, the new system is really uncomfortable and it seems to be more of a QoL downgrade than upgrade.


I would add, since different levels of mythic gear-either color change or something to differentiate between the mythic levels. Would be easier to see when looking through gear storage. Thanks

Also, something, which has been bothering me for a long time: The two buttons Back (“<”, upper left corner) and Close (“X”, upper right corner) are really not intuitive and are horrible to use.

Basically, my feeling is that you should
a) remove the < button.
b) use Close (X) to close the most recent overlay or workflow part
c) change < to a Home button with a Home as an icon to always bring you back to the Main screen, regardless where you are.
d) change the Gear and Spell part.

By intuition, I always click on “X” and expect the current “Sub-Screen” to close. Instead, “X” behaves like a “Home” button, always leading back to the main menu (which you usually do not want / expect). The “<” button on the other hand looks more like a marker for the title bar.

Let’s take a look at it by changing into the Gear Vault:

In this screen, both buttons have exactly the same function - they will return to the main screen.

Let’s navigate into the Hone Gear screen, which is an overlay of the Hero Inventory, as I am actively modifying my gear.

Intuitively, I tap the X button to close the “Hone Gear” overlay, expecting to be back in the Hero Inventory with exactly the same filter as before. Instead, it leads to the main screen. The < button has this functionality, which I never expect.

Let’s look at the gear comparison screen by first filtering “Rings” and then selecting one of the rings not currently equipped and pressing “Info”

Here, you can see that there are two new buttons (Back and Close). Intuitively, Close will close both displayed rings, bringing me back to the Gear Vault and Back will so … something else. The current implementation is as follows: Close is bound to the right ring, Back is bound to the equipped ring. This means that Close closes the right window and I can choose other rings to compare, while Back closes the equipped item information and thus leads back to the Gear Vault.

Let’s move to something unrelated such as PvP. I start by looking at an Open Tourney:

In this screen, X and < both have the same function and lead back to the Battle - Versus screen. Wow, this was unexpected.

Now let’s look at the leaderboard:

In this screen, X and < both have the same function and lead back to the Versus - Open Tourney screen. This feels strange?

With this in mind, let’s try the Battle - Versus screen:

Here, the < button leads back to Battles. The X button leads back to the main screen. :frowning:


I also thought this was the reason for the change as well but I just realised it’s still 2 clicks to equip something both before and after the change and there are more clicks to achieve anything else… So what does the change actually optimize? Anyone?

Hey all, just wanted to let you all know this is something Jeto raised with the team when the discussion was originally taking place and I’m following up on it at the moment.

Thanks for providing details about which parts of the menus are bothersome, why and what you’d like instead. It’s incredibly useful feedback.


Regarding this point, is favouriting Gear without even opening the info screen something you all want, or would you prefer it stays on the detail screen?

I’m going to put this into its own separate request as it affects the UI all over the game.

F0r me i think this section is pointless,

Would be better if when we click on a piece of gear it brings up the info page as 99% of the time all i want to do is see the details rather than equip it


I agree here. I liked better the previous system when clickin on the gear directly brought the info page without this middle step.

Right now favoriting gear requires 3 clicks (click on item, click on info and click on favorite). If we went back to the previous system where clicking on items directly brought you to the info page, then that would be enough. No need to change things to favorite items with a single click, at least in my opinion. 1 click is good for the details screen, and then a second click for all the rest of options (favorite, equip, salvage…).


is favouriting Gear without even opening the info screen something you all want

I would love that.

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Please return our inventory menus back to the simple version we had previously. We appreciate your efforts to make improvements, but this new version is definitely NOT an upgrade. It takes twice as long to do anything. We’d like to be able to view our gear/spells immediately upon the first click. Thank you for your willingness to help us enjoy our game to the fullest.


The most frequent things I do when clicking on a gear item is to Salvage, Check attributes or Remind myself what the item does, but none of those need to be one click. I’m quite happy to click on an item once and then do everything from what pops up.

If you insist on having something one click (which I don’t think is necessary) make it the same as your equipped gear where there is a small green triangle which goes to the upgrade screen. You could have a one click option as a tiny icon on a gear icon but a normal click just takes us to the gear info. This would work when gear is displayed three wide but might be a bit cramped for people that display it five wide.

I rarely favourite items so that as a one click option would not be useful for me.

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I’m afraid I didn’t explain myself properly. I don’t want special abilities to ONE click everything, I just want to be able to click on the item and actually have the item detail information come up like it did previously. Then, I can decide what I want to do with it, whether that be salvage, mark it as a favorite or equip it, just like we used to do before the change.