Salvaging after latest patch

After the last patch, you no longer can see the spell mastery type associated with gear without clicking on the item in the gear vault. This makes salvaging SO slow since I have to click on each duplicate item to find out which ones I want to keep based on the spell mastery.

In the image below you can see I have 3 Bloodfang Shields all the same level but I can’t see the spell mastery on them without clicking on it which makes it very time consuming to salvage items.


It’s the same for the Minion Vault too. No elemental or level information provided on the icons. Apparently a “hotfix” is coming but how to address the issue in the meantime?

I agree. I have been trying to see if there was a UI setting that got changed, but I don’t see anything. I miss the little colored dot at the top left to help me out on knowing what color the gear is for at a glance.

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This issue has been reported and Jeto has replied somewhere. Will be fixed in an update at some point.

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This is a known issue we included in the patch notes.

You can also see the element of a piece of gear from the coloured flare behind the items too!
The Shields for example, are Ice, Ice, Light - but I can see how it is difficult to spot even at this size in the forums. As mentioned, this is an issue we are aware of and will be resolved in the hotfix.

Please double-check any known issues for the update before creating new threads with reports.

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