Inventory Display bug

There is an inventory display bug…
There is the same bug for the Gear Vault / Spell and Minion Vault.
There is only complete Rows of 5 things displayed.
So it may missing from 0 to 4 objects !!!
I have 47 minions ( on 105 ) and if I do not check “Show equipped” I have 9 rows of 5 minions and it is correct.
But If I ckeck “Show equipped” it should show all the 47 minions and it still shows only 45 !!!
The last 2 are then not displayed ( The Wyvlet and the Zombie Pup )

By the way the counter 47/105 is overwritten by the name of the Vault in french ( “Chambre forte de sbire” is too long )

Hey @nabla666

This will likely be resolved in 1.4 along with the Spell Gear vault issue!

Has the horrible gear layout been reverted to the original? Or at least made into something usable? I can’t get an answer on this and would like to know whether or not to install the game again. I uninstalled after that terrible update.