[REPORTED] Incomplete display of minions after participating in a Restricted tournament

I play on my Lenovo VIBE K10 smartphone or on my home PC via BlueStacks android emulator.

Sometimes after selecting or replacing minions for a Restricted tournament, all non-compliant minions are no longer displayed, even on the “Tavern/Chest/Minion Vault” tab.

After restarting the game this bug disappears.


Seen this in 0.36 as well :+1: I believe it’s because the filter itself doesn’t reset when you go back to the main inventory / main minions page.
Not sure if you can then reset it manually though, never tried, just restart the game like you :smiley:

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Hey all!

This appears similar to when weapons from the Tourney are not appearing in your inventory after unequipping. Which has been reported before.

This is purely a graphical issue and I’ve reported this to the team as well. At this stage if you force close and reopen they should reappear.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

I’ve reproduced and checked it further and it is because of filter permanence - the game changes your inventory filter to, say, Blue only in a Blue only tournament. Then, as you shift to the regular inventory window, the previous filter of Blue only is still active.
You can, however, open the filter setting in that screen, manually add the rest of the colors, and that fixes it as well without a restart.

The solution here imo, would be to keep the current filter stored value not updated by the forced application when opening menus via a tournament window. These should be forced as a temporary, static value anyway :smiley:

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