Restricted tourney requirements

When I want to start a restricted tourney, i get message “your equipped gear does not match the tourney’s element requirement”
Is really annoying to guess what gear does not match requirements so I’ve tried to remove all of my pets and use only uncommon guard sword but i still can’t enter tourney. There should be some option to copy your desired layout without problematic items or something like that because it’s not really clear which items are for example “non-elemental”

Right now it is kinda clumsy. The game tells you the requirements when you enter the tournament, but you would think could then highlight the slots in your build that have conflicts with the current restrictions.

Since we can now have up to 8 loadouts for each character and rename them, I have taken to have one each for Open, Restricted and Elite, and make any changes just within those. When resetting gear you can use the filters to highlight only the restricted colour and those without any colour. “non-elemental” means any common or uncommon item, since it is only when they evolve to Rare or higher that they are assigned a colour.

So despite the painful inventory limitations of storage - hey devs, sure would be nice if you dealt with that issue - I would strongly recommend you keep one uncommon item in each slot, that you can increase up to L15, just for the purposes of being able to have something in every slot for tournaments. Long term you will hopefully be in the position of having higher rarity gear of each colour in every slot, but that really is a long term goal, and I’m not sure is practical right now with storage so limited.

I tried a restricted tournament for the first time today! After choosing find opponent, the next screen the bottom left there is a button with gear written on it. Selecting this takes you to a gear selection page which only shows suitable gear. To cycle through your different gear you need to select the icon to the left of the sort by icon on the top bar. Doesn’t solve all your problems but at least you can see what matches requirements.