[NOT A BUG, BUT FEEDBACK PASSED ON] Elite Tourney with a level 3

Huawei P30 lite. Android

I used 500 gold to enter Elite Tourney. The restrictions:

  • at least level 50
  • use Light elemental gear
  • minions with a hammer

So how can a level 3 be there? See screenshot

Never tried the Elite Tourney before, so if this has happened before I don’t know.
Logging out or restarting the game doesn’t show a different opponent.

Now some comments and questions:

  • I would love to have you being more clear in your description - Use Light elemental gear - does it have to be a FULL set?
    And does gear include weapon? I don’t have a full set of light elemental gear, but in most slots - so I hoped that in those slots with “wrong” gear, would have nothing equipped - maybe have the choice to unequip - unless we have to have a full set?

  • Minions with a hammer?
    None of my minions have a hammer. So either I havn’t seen this minion(s) or this is end game stuff I havn’t learned yet or the description is wrong?

If this is meant to be end game tourney, then cool, but be clear about it in description please

My speculate: Since elite tourney has crazy entry requirement, no other ppl actually joined it so system picked someone from random place to fight you?

The exact Tourney Rules are:

Heroes must be at least level 50, and use Light elemental Gear & Minions with a Hammer

Which I would parse as

  • Level 50
  • Elemental Gear and Elemental Minions
  • Hammer as a weapon

Indeed, minions cannot be equipped with weapons, so I don’t think you can have a minion with a hammer.

When I try to change my Gear, I only have access to the Weapon, so I guess this is the only slot that conditions access to the battles. But it could also be the first slot that blocks you, and you have to adjust the other slots after changing the Weapon one. I only have an Ice Hammer, so I cannot participate and test further.

And my selected opponent is indeed level 10, so Hagane must be right in the previous post.

They are just bot or characters made by the devs.
Currently I’m in gold league for open tourney and since no other player is there yet (at least by today), I have to face these bots/characters made by the devs too.
Usually they are just low level heroes so it actually harms me in the process since in my case I only get 6 honor from each battle compared to the usual 9-10 honor per battle.
I don’t know how it was for Elite Tourney, maybe Tacet can share his experience from entering one last week.
I’m sure he had to battle with these bots too since he’s the only one who could enter last week.

I am more convinced that they are bots instead of random players picked by the system because the pool of names are the same. In the past when we only had a few people in Silver League, I also had to fight these same characters.
Some name examples that I face this week: Amorangel, Help!!, Greek, bosdin, soso, Ramiko, Necrosis, zskyz.

Probably correct.

However it is unclear if you need a full set of light elemental gear or if it was possible to enter and participate with as much light elemental gear as one had - obviously if you have a full set, then you have better stats.
When a level 10 hero can be matched with a level 30 or 40 in open Tourney or pvp, then I thought that you could participate, but in the slots with no light gear would be left empty.
However I can’t participate as “your equipped gear, doesn’t match the Tourney’ element requirement”.

Correct! - and I assumed that there was a typo and missing comma somewhere :wink:
However, it shouldn’t be guesswork what is meant.

They will probably not classify this post as being a bug, but then I have at least pointed out, that there are some corrections needed:

Restrictions are only for players - bots or test players can be level 3 without any if the elemental gear required - not much of an elite opponent. Lol.

Heroes must be at least level 50, and use Light elemental gear & Minions with a hammer - rephrasing needed.
Is the meaning supposed to be: Full light elemental gear needed, the weapon needs to be a hammer, only light elemental minions can be used?? Then: "Heroes must be level 50, use a full Light Elemental gear set, use Light elemental minions, weapon has to be a Hammer. Or:
Heroes must:

  • be level 50
  • use Light elemental gear, full set
  • use a Hammer
  • use Light elemental minions

All that is needed is the corresponding yellow weapon, 1-4 yellow spells, and level 50.

Any yellow minion can be equipped, but it is not required to enter.

Thank you Tacet, your insight is appreciated once again.

So this week, if I understand correctly - to be able to do a battle in the Elite Tourney the requirements are: level 50, a hammer of rare or better quality with light magic/yellow and at least 1 yellow spell.
Is that it? I can’t check it as I don’t have a yellow hammer, otherwise I would

Thank you for the feedback everyone. I have taken notes and passed them on to the devs.

Salty, is it possible to ask the devs to send some bots/AIs or devs-created heroes in Platinum League of Open Tourney?
If my estimation is correct, I will be alone here for 2 weeks so if there is no bot or other heroes sent by devs here, I will get less honor in these two weeks time.
I’m also quite certain that next week, there will be only 1 player in Gold League of Restricted Tourney too (it’s not me).

Maybe as a suggestion, if possible, can the devs create these bots/AI heroes automatically when the system detects that there is only 1 player in the league? So that we don’t get punished by getting less honor per battle for reaching higher leagues faster than other players.

I can definitely ask for some more generated users to be put in. Not sure if and when it will happen, but I will ask. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Hopefully you can put them soon. :slight_smile: