Did the Elite Tourney change weapon reqs? WHY?

Given the choking limitation on how much gear my heros can have I’m frustrated by the single weapon limitation in Elite Tourneys, maul this week, for example. I simply don’t have enough space to have a maul of every color, AND a mace of every color AND sickles of every color… Please, something’s got to give.


It’s uncommons all the way right now

For 2 fantastic weeks we had a choice of THREE weapons for Elite tourneys. Now for the third week in a row we went back to only one. Yes, it can be uncommon. But it still means you need 15 different uncommon weapons occupying your gear slots, not 5, and you’re not using these weapons anywhere else, because rare and legendary weapons are simply better for storyline, skirmishes and dungeons. This is still unreasonable and near impossible in the current state of the game and the gear slot restrictions of 75 with maxed Eveline and Northelm, across all heroes. With the sheer number of options and varieties of gear in the game, this goes beyond absurd.


I agree 1000%. Inventory limits in the current state are insane and far too low.

I don’t know why the change was made from 3 ton1 either as I agree it’s unnecessarily limiting.

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@Salty the elite tourney reqs have changed a bit back and forth, I’m sure you guys are trying to find the right spot. Understandable.

With the current inventory limits, the three weapon choice was juuuuuust doable. Having to have a specific weapon of color or no color for each tourney? My feedback is that is not doable.

Different ways to fix this.
Increase inventory is obvious, but not the only way.
Stick with the 3 weapon choice that mimicks the bounty weapons? Works.
Pop a gold deal for a common (or uncommon) weapon of the week in the shop


And here we go again, for the fourth week in a row. One weapon only allowed for the Elite tourney. Please, please explain it to me, because I don’t understand it, how we are supposed to have 15 different weapons (event at uncommon) to participate in the tourneys with the current gear slot restrictions. Or, if this is intended and we are NOT supposed to participate in the Elite tourney every week, please say so too. The current situation is just not acceptable.



It would be my guess that this is an economics ploy. Too many players are winning 500 gems weekly. This is their attempt to keep that number low. However, the added frustration will make players leave… which will also impact the economics.

The combinations of far too little inventory space to store equipment and unpredictability of drops means we can’t just summon compatible equipment out of nowhere and don’t have the space to store varieties of gear beforehand.

Initial feedback on the .36 update seems to show the armour defence and weapon offence scale exponentially with rarity and level, meaning there are big gains to be had from having gear higher than uncommon (non-elemental for restricted tournaments).

Inventory space is too restrictive in all circumstances, and the tournament restrictions make it so a lot of people either can’t or won’t compete in them.


Thank you for your feedback regarding Tourneys and their reqs. I have collated it and have passed it on.